"Automate getting cases status from lawyers and sending documents"

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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"Automate getting cases status from lawyers and sending documents"


Dr. Studin: I am here with Josh from Mighty, who's a software development company out of New York city. Good morning, Josh.

Guest: Good morning Mark. Thanks for having me.

Dr. Studin: You're welcome. And Josh, we've known each other for about a year and a half now and we've worked on other projects before and I've always been impressed with your innovative platforms as they've always been designed to facilitate the medical legal process. And even though I'm a chiropractor and the majority of doctors I deal with are chiropractors, I do deal with many surgeons and other types of interventionists. Your applications have really been spot on and helping us analyze, determine, not the value of the case, but whether a case is good or bad so doctors and funders and those are people you deal with as well. Um, have a case that's fruitful. In other words, if they're going to, it's cost people money to do these things, then is it money well spent?

Guest: that's exactly right, Mark. I think generally what we've seen in the medical space is that there are solutions that are built for medical professionals. And sometimes those solutions can have a nod to personal injury here or there or sometimes people try and take their EMR and they try and figure out a hack to make it work for personal injury. And we're really the first software company that has built a purposefully built solution for people that treat patients on personal injury, lean or LLP and, we've found a lot of success being able to really focus on that niche right now.

Dr. Studin: Josh, just from a disclaimer perspective, I'd like everyone to know that I have no formal relationship with you. I have no skin in the game. I don't derive any income for this, there were no, I'm going to use the K word, no kickbacks at any level. I don't get a percentage or an honorarium or a finder's fee. I'm doing this simply because you have a product that could help our profession. And I think that that is something worthy of sharing, because it helps everyone. So, I just wanted to acknowledge that. Now, another question is, would you mind if I put this on my public podcast so that every doctor in the country can hear this and not just my client? Would that be a conflict?

Guest: No problem.

Dr. Studin: Okay. So we're going to post this in both places, which is important because again, if it helps everyone, you know, it helps the profession and if it helps the profession, I'm just all in. So if you could explain a little bit about, briefly what the platform is, but more importantly, why you created this platform and what problem does it resolve?

Guest: Yeah, so with personal injury cases, there's a lot of communication that needs to happen between the doctor and the doctor's office and the law firm that is representing the patient or plaintiff. And we see it throughout the case. We see it when they need medical records that we see it when then you'd keep status updates on a, on a lien. We see it at the end of a case when they wanted to make sure that the personal injury law firm is paying out all of the people who are supposed to be paid and have a financial interest. And what we heard from both medical providers and law firms, is they spend an inordinate amount of time, communicating through email, fax and phone, back and forth.

And it's incredibly cumbersome. We actually know some doctors who have stopped treating personal injury plaintiffs completely because they didn't want to deal with the back and forth with law firms and it was just too much brain damage for them. And we've been in this business, building solid software for the space for a number of years. And one of the things that we noticed was that there are larger companies that have built what are known as law-firm portals and the law firm portals are our great idea. And basically, what it is, it is a piece of software that fits between the medical provider and the law firm so that all of the communication can be streamlined, through the central, the central medium, and it becomes powerful for your first few key reasons. Number one, it's Tipa compliant, a lot of the challenges that doctors have today is either they disseminate their records in meetings that are not usually the most HIPAA compliance, such as email. Uh, they have to pay a record rich people, companies a lot of money, in order to essentially the problem broke up.

Dr. Studin: You said record retrieval companies, correct?

Guest: Yeah. They often, they have to, pay record retrieval companies a lot of money and they kind of outsource the problem for them. Sometimes they are literally printing out hundreds or thousands of pages and mailing them physically. Uh, and so what we've done is we've created a way that a medical provider can simply add the medical records too. Mercedes portal, uh, and every law firm in the country has an account where they can log in and see those records in a HIPAA compliant way and so that's one example of many of why having a system that is common between a medical provider and a law firm is very advantageous.

Dr. Studin: Now, do you have a way to prevent multiple or disparate, I don't know if that's the right word, but disparate law firms. Well, for looking up on a patient, in other words, if I'm a, a plaintiff's lawyer, and if you're a plaintiff's lawyer and you're an attorney, Josh, and I'm a chiropractor, so you're representing Mrs. Jones. So, what I do is I say, okay, I don't want to mail this stuff to you. I'm tired of it. So I uploaded on bite and which is a simple upload either through a PDF or file transfer or word, and just scan it in. It's an easy upload. Yeah. And I've seen your platform by the way, and it's, in my own simple vernacular, it's stupid easy. It's just easy.

Guest: Yeah. Thank you very much. And we worked hard to make it stupid easy.

Dr. Studin: Well, it really is stupid easy, which is why I wanted to do a show and tell because, you know, it's, and I understand that a lot of the doctors in the industry are not very tech savvy. Some are and some aren't. And you've got to meet the, the lowest standards. So someone you'd just like here, here's the file, click and drag it over, you know, or just, you know, clicking upload location you'd done. Now with that, you then contact the attorney and you say, if you click on this free portal, which is pretty neat. Attorneys, you could download the files and after a period of time, the attorney's going to get a, you know, an idea in the head that, look, it's just easy to do that than it is to, um, you know, retrieve records, you know, in a myriad of different avenues. But what's to prevent another attorney? Even the defense lawyer, the, the Allstate, Dewey Cheatem and Howe lawyers. And by the way, do you know where Dewey Cheatem and Howe are from?

Guest: I don't.

Dr. Studin: the original one of the original computer games called leisure suit Larry, it came out in the 80s and that was the name of a law firm. That's where it came from. It just, I throw that in there. But um, so you have this law firm and they're going to try to access this portal because they want to get it a leverage or unfair gain of knowledge prematurely on someone that they have to go against. So what's to prevent another firm from going in, and I don't want to use the word hack, but gaining access to this documentation?

Guest: So the only people that have access to the records are the law firm that you share with. You can only share with one law firm per case. And usually that's the law firm that represents the plaintiff, that is the main attorney that will end up paying out the settlement at the end of the case.

Dr. Studin: So, in another words, you will send a permission, so to speak, a request about a law firm and they have to click I accept and it's locked into their IP address.

Guest: That's right. So only the law firm will have a username and password. Each person that works with a law firm and they'll be able to, when they log into my AAD, there'll be able to see the list of all of the cases that, your medical provider has with that law firm. Uh, or any place or any medical provider that's using biting from the law firms perspective. It is amazing because it saves them a lot of time cause they're able to easily go into my D and C, uh, cross multiple plaintiffs, who has treated them, who might have a lien or lop on the case, a medical records that they're able to download. And, uh, law firms love it. It's cause it saves them a lot of time and you know, they don't have to request documents anymore. And it also saves the medical provider a lot of time because they're not getting, assessing a request back and forth. We have a, we have a over, we've hundreds now of companies using this portal and the response has been overwhelming.

Dr. Studin: and you mean law firms or doctors?

Guest: Doctors, we have some obvious funders that use it. Um, and then the other side, we actually have thousands of law firms that have logged in and access medical records or provided key status updates.

Dr. Studin: Now, we've already established of how it saves the doctor time, but what feedback was the law firm and give the doctor that could help the doctor manage their business?

Guest: Yeah, I mean, one very common phenomenon when law firms is that paralegals and if there's a high turnover rate amongst paralegals and what we find is that about 25% of the time the medical providers send medical records. They're asked for those medical records a second time. Either they got stuck in somebody's inbox, uh, they forgot that they had requested them. The law firms are busy as well and you know, they often have coordinating coordination issues by using mighty. The documents will always be there for the law firm to access as long as the law firm, is authorized to do that. And yeah, this dramatically decreases the amount of times where a law firm will say, can you send me the documents again? Because they're at their fingertips to at any time.

Dr. Studin: Now, I have a few more questions before I get to that. How would a doctor find this information? Where do they go? Who do they call

Guest: Yeah. So it's all on its own our website might.com. We spent a lot of money on that domain names though. Easy to remember. And there's a lot of information there. Uh, yeah, there's a explainer video which helps to encapsulate

Dr. Studin: Is it the only program on mighty.com or does it have to look for specific programs?

Guest: Nope, this is the only program. This is really taken off, over the last year and you know, this is where, uh, this is where we're really focusing exclusively.

Dr. Studin: Okay. Now, there's another level of feedback. You explained to me that the law firm gives the doctor to help guide their business regarding status of case. Could you explain that please and how that helps the doctor?

Guest: Yeah. So you know, one of the challenges when you treat personal injury plaintiffs is that it's sometimes hard to get paid. Uh, and Austin, uh, it's hard to know what's happening with the case along the way. And the doctors often are calling law firms and asking for status updates. Has this case moved to litigation? Has the trial been scheduled? Has the case settled? Has the plaintiff actually changed attorneys? And I need to make sure that I file my leaner lop with a different law firm. And what's happening is that law firms are getting bombarded with these types of requests, uh, sometimes from multiple lien holders or lop holders on the same case and so on. Maybe, uh, it's very easy for law firms to give a status update. Um, and what's cool and what is different is that on mighty, once a law firm gives a status update to one medical provider, that status update is available to all medical providers who have a leaning or lop on that specific case. And so what it does is allows the law firms, if they have a lot of time, because instead of getting calls from six different people on the same case, they're giving a status update on mighty ones and that will go to or be available to be seen by all six.

Dr. Studin: Oh, that's awesome. So the words, the doctor will just know the status of the case because what we have doctors do right now, to manage their business is every other month, you know, and you know, take my office for instance, you know, I used to on average get 40 new PI cases a month and you know, it was pretty robust to think about that. Settled cases don't settle on average for five years around the country. Oh, that's the average. So how many, hang on one second. Think about how many cases at 40 a month. That's 480 a year times five. We call every other month to determine the status of the case to ensure that a scumbag lawyer didn't take the money and run it and not pay us.

So this actually it was, and I actually, for my office when I was practicing, I had a full time staff member just calling every single day cases because it was hard to get, you know, you can't get the right person on the phone. You've got to call back. But if you don't call, there were too many lawyers who just forgot about you conveniently, which is, you know, illegal. Uh, but they settled the case and distributed the money and not you. This resolves that though. So the automation, I don't need a staff member calling. I can have one staff member do 500 lookups on the system in the back, two hours for three apps and I'm done. And just incredible savings of time.

Guest: And so maybe you can automate those key says updates. Uh, if a law firm has not given us a key status update within say 90 days, we can send an automated email from the medical provider or asking for that update. Our success rate in getting those updates is incredibly, incredibly high provided from the legal provider, from the medical providers seeking the case status updates from Walker. And so what we tell people in an effort to under promise over deliver is 100% of law firms are never going to log in and use my ID. But if we can get you 70% of status updates automatically and your team will only have to work on the 30% just you could get me 50% yeah, I'd be thrilled. Doctor, any way for me to get a spreadsheet out from my be on status updates of all my clients. You can get spreadsheets out, you can upload spreadsheets in a lady is very flexible in order to kind of work alongside your business. Just to be very clear, this is an important point we designed, it might need to work alongside somebody's EMR not to replace their EMR. So the functionality on Mighty is actually very, very limited. Uh, it really just concerns how well medical providers communicate with law firms having to do with sending records. Getting key status updates and making sure that your lien is on file so that you're not forgotten when the case actually disperses.

Dr. Studin: Wow, that's really cool. Listen, I have, I have a whole bunch of suggestions to add, which will be really cool, but I want to let this really, and what's the cost, uh, for a doctor, we already established that lawyers do it for free, uh, because we want something from the lawyer, which is the status updates. But what's, what's the cost for a doctor?

Guest: Yeah. So we decided to really charge very little for this service because there's a lot of lien holders out there and if we're able to get a lot of them to use, it adds up quickly. And so what we do is we charge $10 one time per case and so if somebody has a 40, like you, like did, if you had 40 new cases a month, you would add those 40 cases on an ongoing basis. You would pay $10 for each of those cases. One time. And no matter how long those cases lasted, you would be able to continue to use my ID a in perpetuity, uh, in order to get all of the benefits that we described there. There's no startup fee. There is no other fees no startup. In fact, you and I talked about, you know, uh, for all your listeners, we can give all of the existing cases that they have to get onboarded on somebody for free, uh, just to get started and know there's no onboarding fee or anything like that.

Dr. Studin: Oh, okay. That's really cool. Wonderful. I know I date myself when I say that, but it's really an incredible tool and it's affordable. I mean, everyone could afford it. Let's say you've created what I think is the perfect storm for something that's tremendously needed. So unless there's anything else that's, um, that you feel that needs to be added, cause we're, we're on about 15 minutes, which is about the maximum, like to keep these, cause um, you know, everyone's time is valuable. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Guest: No, I think if you are a medical provider that's listening to this and you send medical records via email or Dropbox, uh, or your, you have somebody who's calling and emailing and faxing per case updates, you have to give this a try. This is, you're the perfect customer for us.

Dr. Studin: Yup. And by the way, I lied up front when I said I don't get paid. There's no kickbacks. There is. Um, I found that your office now was near my favorite New York city barbecue place. This might cost you a half a pack of smoke brisket. I'm just letting you know. Thanks so much. I really appreciate you doing this, Josh. Have a great day.

Guest: No problem. Thank you.

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