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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"Neurosurgeon wanted to have breakfast with me....What I did"

"Getting referrals after a lawyers seminar"

 Dr Studin: How many years are you in practice?

Guest Dr: about 28.

Dr Studin: How many years you've been in the program?

Guest Dr: coming up on three years.

Dr Studin: And you've done two lawyers seminars already, We're going to be doing a third one this coming next week.

Guest Dr: probably in April.

Dr Studin: So how many lawyers were in each seminar?

Guest Dr: between 70 and 90.

Dr Studin: and we did the last one in April and we did one the April before. so you're still not getting the referrals that you need to get, correct?

Guest Dr: Correct.

Dr Studin: after the seminar, did you meet with the attorneys?

Guest Dr: Yes.

Dr Studin: And in those meetings did you set up appointments to go into their office To continually educate them?

Guest Dr: No.

Dr Studin: Did you offer that or did they just didn't want it?

Guest Dr: Well, probably a little of both.

Dr Studin: here's part of the issue. You have 80 lawyers in front of you. When I'm done with them, they all want you to come into their office for research, but you really haven't gotten anyone to invite you back into their offices to continually educate them, correct?

Guest Dr: That's correct.

Dr Studin: That's a problem. And that actually is on you because I can only put them in front of you and get them to invite you in Once after that you have to go in and let them know what's in it for them and what's in it for them is new stuff that will help them prevail at a high rate, your business strategy is easy because you've already got all these attorneys teed up, but Nothing's happening. let's get into your digital infrastructure, in your digital infrastructure, do you have your address and phone number on every signature life include cell phone, iPad, computers, yes or no?

Guest Dr: No, I have it on a computer. Not on my phone.

Dr Studin: So your digital infrastructure is incomplete. Do you have trauma team member on your signature line?

Guest Dr: I think so. I'm not sure. Mark. I've got to check it.

Dr Studin: Well, these are a little things that all add up. Do you send to your referral sources, your updated CV citations continually?

Guest Dr: No.

Dr Studin: So you don't really exist in their world, You don't send a press releases out when you've got trauma qualify or primary spine care qualified, you don't have any way for them to know who you are and what you do. So everything you're telling me from the things you've accomplished in your credentials from meetings with lawyers when they're all set up for you, is you're just sitting back and doing not much expecting them to come to you. There's a few steps that you need to take. Number one, Make sure all of your digital devices are electronically signed appropriately including your cell number on there. Number two, you need to start a trickle campaign of sending out citations, you need to send out citations and even if you earned them a while ago, you haven't sent them anywhere. Trickle out four or five every two or three weeks on a continual basis. And if you go to the marketing section of the consulting site, like number 63 or 64 their sample and what's to do on emails, then you need to send, have press releases in the local newspaper about what you've done, what you've accomplished and on social media. You need to have your CV, which is probably 30 pages long. Have it for your patients in the front desk where they can take it with them. Do you well have your diplomas in your reception area?

Guest Dr: Yes.

Dr Studin: this is your infrastructure of who you are. Now you should go to the evidence-based book, the low speed book, and you should be calling these attorneys, say, Hey, let's just pick a topic in there. I just got an article on this. I'd like to sit and share it with you. ] You got a few minutes. I'll bring it over. And you sit down and tell them, look at this book that I just bought. Look at this chapter and I copied it for you. And here's literature and the resource, and now you're starting to create a little bit of a space around it. And then the next thing you say is, listen, there's a hundred chapters in this book your staff need, We have two books, You have the evidence based book and you have the low speed books. Your staff needs to know this stuff, and here's my suggestion. I mean this is not solicitous and any level of not asking for referrals if you want to send them, that's up to you. But I'm not asking, but I love educating and teaching. But I can tell you, this is what the insurance companies are teaching the opposite argument to and you're going to lose your cases on rhetoric. So you know, I'm more than happy to come in once a month and do a one hour in service for your staff and teach you guys about preexisting herniations, about asymptomatic herniations, just because you have arthritis doesn't mean everything gets dismissed in the summary judgment. But, it means your client has a greater susceptibility, all the things you know. And you need to be aggressive with that.

Guest Dr: And that's a good plan. And this is something you've been teaching me. And to be honest with you, I've been focusing referrals for the last six months and I kind of strayed from some of the attorneys. I mean, I still work with them. the MD referrals have been going pretty good, but I've noticed that my lawyer referrals have dropped.

Dr Studin: let's talk about that. When you look at your MD referrals, it's your specialist. That's perfectly fine. And there's no reason for that for you to go either or, you need to focus on both. And when you look at the MDs, your referral to them, we'll go into a referral back to you, that's a legitimate quid pro quo because your referral is the only commodity that you have that you can use in health care that's allowable. Hey, listen, I'm going to refer to you. I like the you refer to me. You like me. That's just the way it is. And if you don't refer to me, I'm going to go someplace else, it's as easy as that, but you lead with the surgeons with slice thicknesses on MRI and how you manage cases. And that's how you open up the conversation You don't even need to go quick protocol with them. You really say, listen, here's how I manage my spine cases. It starts with MRI, which I image almost anybody with radicular pain, especially if there's motor or sensory loss, I shoot not three millimeter slices in the cervicals but two and a half and three and a half in the thoracic and lumbar with T1s T2ss and Stertz, which exceeds, they see our guidelines and I make sure I get at least two or three clean slices angled appropriately through the disk. And it's not catching the bone. If you just put that in sentence format of the attorneys, the surgeons, they're going to get a Woody on the spot.

Guest Dr: it is funny cause I'm getting referrals and I haven't even really done this yet.

Dr Studin: Yeah, well you putting that on, all those referrals, the surgeons that were in the room when I did the seminar.

Guest Dr: Yes.

Dr Studin: You see people don't understand when you do these lawyers seminars, the more surgeons you have in the room, I'm talking to the surgeons more than I'm talking to the lawyers. But the point is we're talking to them as well during those seminars, and it works really well. But, you also need to talk slice thicknesses. Listen, just like we showed one of the beginning slides, here's a slice angles through the bone. You're not going to see anything. You're missing that there are so many different little nuances that we have to talk about. 

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