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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"Neurosurgeon wanted to have breakfast with me....What I did"

"I just got Trauma Qualified, What do I do now?"

 Dr Studin: you've been in the program for a few years, but you just got in the trauma qualification now, is that correct?

Guest Dr: Yes.

Dr Studin: now that you're trauma qualified, there's a few things you must start doing. Number one, did you change all of your signature lines on all electronic devices saying you trauma qualify through Cleveland?

Guest Dr: no.

Dr Studin: Step number two, you need to do a press release. Do you maintain the database of lawyers and MDs that you work with?

Guest Dr: lawyers I think we do have a database for the MDs I think we'll have a few.

Dr Studin: So what you need to do is create a press release, sends it out and link it to your CV on the U S chiro directory, and let them look at your CV, where they can find it and you got to get them in the habit of going there. And then you should've updated your CV on the U S chiro directory saying that your trauma qualified also. Did you do that?

Guest Dr: I did not yet.

Dr Studin: See, these are all the little infrastructure things that go by the wayside, it's about reputation building. And on Facebook you have a Facebook page? Social media?

Guest Dr: Yes.

Dr Studin: So you should be putting out on your Facebook page and I don't know if you have one for your business or just personal, but I like having a business one for all my patients to go to where we really go crazy and try to infiltrate the community. Facebook and Instagram and LinkedIn. Those are the three social media things, and by the way, this is probably the last thing you expected to hear. You were expected to say, now I need to have these meetings and do this and do that. You've got to get your digital infrastructure down because that's called reputation building and 90% of all referrals are done through some kind of electronic of discovery or verification. So people are going to find you on the internet or check you out on the internet. So those are the infrastructure things that people forget to do. And those are possibly the most important things to do because if your infrastructure's no good, everything else falls down, your staff should be telling all your patients: Hey, did you know dr was just earned his trauma qualified and it's recognized through both chiropractic academia, medical academia. He's like the only one in Chattanooga that has this, it's just awesome. You got to create a buzz. Do you have your CV available for patients to take with them on paper and you're on your desk. All of these little things matter because it's about reputation building. So number one, you've got to build your reputation. Now number two, you need to specifically take every single lawyer. Did you send lawyers emails on a regular basis? Updates about your new CV stuff? like I sent you on a regular basis. Do you send that out?

Guest Dr: No.

Dr Studin: you're missing every opportunity in the world. And if you want to know why your practice isn't moving in the direction that you want to go, these are things I've been sharing with you Look at the news stuff and say, are you doing this for your referral sources? You're not. So you're letting all of this easy stuff Go undone. Stop. Step one is to get your digital infrastructure. Step two is to ensure that you're letting people know you're going up, you're electronically signed your CV, you're sending your citations out. You're letting people know you're going on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, those are the three bigs right now, all the different things you need to do to ensure your reputation is built because it is about reputation building. Now you should start having meetings with attorneys, breakfast meetings one or two where you do see the least stuff with them, not for formal credits, but you teach them, Hey, did you know there's new stuff out on age dating herniated disk. You were just trained on that up in New York. And he just came to the symposium. So you understand all that stuff. So, and then when you with them, just say, listen, I want you to know that I'm trauma qualified for both medical and chiropractic academia, my courses are recognized through Cleveland, university of Kansas city, chiropractic academia and the state university of New York, of Buffalo, Jacobs school of medicine and biomedical sciences at that academic institution. So if you ever have a vlogger issue, it's not a problem. And I am trauma qualified, by the way, the next step is to get hospital qualified for you It's one, two and a half hour course. That's it, because all of the other 11 courses on there, you've done already through attending a primary spine care symposium and doing the trauma qualification. So with that one, two and a half hour course, you get to tell the lawyers, Hey, I'm trauma qualified and hospital qualified.

Guest Dr: I'm not mistaken Primary care, a spine qualified also.

Dr Studin: Well then there's your answer. I'm trauma qualified, hospital qualified and primary spine care qualified, and all of those things should be on all electronic devices, All through social media, you have enough credentials to make your competition irrelevant, but you're doing nothing, you're doing what you've always done and you haven't wasted your money because the knowledge is wonderful, but you haven't done anything to make your competition irrelevant, you own your region Do you know what you need to do to get started? Once you do all of those things, then call me. This is building infrastructures take time. I want to build a sustainable platform for you that's going to endure time.

Guest Dr: So the CV entry for trauma qualify, we're up with that?

Dr Studin: in the congratulations letter, it explains all of those things. It's all outlined in there of what to do and what's a wright and how to do it. 

Guest Dr: I don't think I got the email...

Dr. Studin: You should have got it from Jessica Baltrusitis, just type her email; shoot me an email if you didn't get it and I will ask her to re-send it to you. Thank you.

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