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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"Neurosurgeon wanted to have breakfast with me....What I did"

"Get paid with a right for settlement information"


Dr Studin: you brought something up that's been a recurring problem that we've had with lawyers not wanting to release settlement information and keeping you in the dark. And it's something that we've been dealing with for about a year and a half. That's been their latest reason. So you actually said to me, why don' I write a consult about that and then create some language to put in your lien papers or your documentation. And I did, Let me read what I wrote and let's talk about it after that. So here was a console that it's an office systems and getting paid one-on-one in the office system Quickies. Says thank you, dr Rockwell, short trauma team member from New Jersey for getting the inspiration for creating this. One of the major roadblocks lawyers used to take advantage of you and was to hide behind confidentiality roles where they state, I cannot release any information about the case regarding finances because of confidentiality issues. In the past My retort was that's understandable. However, please put your client, unless they get full disclosure of the finances and who's getting, how much my fees that are 100% and there is no negotiations. Typically the client miraculously almost always releasing the information, which is that small pushback and usually much too fast with the lawyer to have had that conversation. You get the picture. So to resolve this issue, you must have a following language. So are authorizations of rights document and have the patient sign on the day they start. And here's the sentence, it says right For information, I irrevocably authorized my attorney, legal representative insurance, any other part on, in my case or case stories, financial information about settlement or verdict payments and or amounts owed included but not limited to other providers, a legal representatives, liens, billing a master balances. In other words, you've got a section per theme, which is forms a communications. It's posted there. I've been going through this with doctorates for months, not having the simple solution of creating documentation, but what was your experience with the attorney? the most recent one where they wouldn't release it?

Guest Dr: Well, they're usually excuses I have to ask the patient or confidentiality issue, and they always come up and call you and say, would you take a cut in the fee? And it's 50%, there's always 60% too. And you ask them a question, I have no problem with that As long as I know what the settlement number is. And then they backtrack and it'll pay you as you had said. But, it all depends on the attorney too. I mean, there's some attorneys that you're happy, you have a close relationship, they'll give you the numbers and it's no questions asked and you can trust them and they pay you.

Dr Studin: and the 50% number seems to be what the lawyers are more gravitating towards chiropractic, it's not seems like it is the latest trends in the nation. So your recommendation that we put that language in the paperwork up front was actually spot on and the key is irrevocably I irrevocably authorize. and that exactly is the case. So with that paperwork and what I would suggest also is go back to all of your lien cases, all of them, and have the patient obvious on that document, not just the current ones and if the lawyer says, well, I can't release the information. I already have paperwork. The patient resigned and gave permission. And again, what doctors also don't understand is you've got the leverage. Unless your lien is settled, no one can get paid. They have to slow leaves before they could take any money for lawyers and the patients, you have the leverage in the relationship to do that and hold still.

Guest Dr: This is a simple solution to a simple problem.

Dr Studin: just gain the authority and you always have to use the magic word and paperwork irrevocable, because if not, the lawyer will get the patient to write another document, which will revoke your original authority unless you create an irrevocable.

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