"How to use books vs. flyers"

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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"How to use books vs. flyer and quickly get referrals"


Dr Studin: So what's your question?

Guest Dr: So my question was how do we properly use the book for attorneys or the binders for attorney so that we can get in front of them and obviously get referrals from there.

Dr Studin: we've really changed and if you read the early consultations versus the late ones, there's different recommendations, which is why we tell people read them sequentially but always finish up. So initially we created the grooming binders and the bimonthly flyers because lawyers had similar questions over. And we need to create an education library, which is what is located the consultations. And in that educational library, there were the topics and it was a synopsized research with the research reference on there, first thing you do when you look for the research is go to Google and just Google the name A third of them are an open access, which is free two-thirds you have to purchase and you go to Google scholar and look it up and they're like $30 to $35 bucks each and then you're compliant within the law. So what we found was after we created a hundred of them and I did market research with attorneys, when you go in and you meet with them and give them a three ring binder, they love it and you attached the literature to it and they're in heaven. And then you'll leave and then they forget about you. And a week later they see this binder on their desk, which is clutter and then ends up in the garbage because it no longer has value because there's no one in their face talking to them about it. So what we did was we took the first hundred and one educational flyers. I created a book called the evidence-based demonstrative evidence, But what we found was, is when you give it to a lawyer and inside the front cover, as courtesy a book, this goes on their shelf. They never throw the book out and they're going to know sooner or later something's going to come up and they're going to go through then remember, because it's not going to be in their way. Now how did you additionally give the book out? when you meet with attorneys, you should bring a copy of the book with you and take three chapters that you're very comfortable with. And the chapters should be centered around, herniated disc, a asymptomatic herniated disc or preexisting herniated disc, arthritis and low speed stuff And there's also the low speed book, which is in the medical legal white papers section of the US card directory and you paper clip it to the pages that you're actually going to discuss with them. And you go through it and you sit with them and you tell them, listen, this is my copy of the book, but I would love to come in and educate you and your staff on a regular basis. I don't charge for it. I'm not going to ask you for referrals, I'm part of a national medical legal organization. And if I do solicit you, I'll be thrown out of that organization. We're not allowed to. And when I come in, I'll have a copy of the book for you to keep in your office for you And your staff, you're not just going to be throwing books all over the place, So you got to get something out of it. Now how do you get that meeting? The first thing you do is you read all the consultants, you'll listen to the podcasts when that's finished You go through the first 6 sections or the sections three through eight on the consulting site. And then you get your academics behind you and your credentials. And that's critical and it's getting more difficult for the lawyers and much more sophisticated, so we created the trauma And that's going to change next year and the year after because as the needs of the courts grow, as the carriers get more sophisticated and they are reacting to us otherwise by coming up with different levels of complexities to overcome the answers that were given, which is based on physiology, through rhetoric. And you've got to just up your credentials. So it used to be those three courses were enough. It's not , then after all that you go through your files, you're going to have your staff pull every single personal injury case you've treated for the last five years. How many PI cases a month that you get on average?

Guest Dr:10 a month.

Dr Studin: So you are getting, right now 120 new cases a year. Lawyers in your state don't settle their cases on average for five years. Say you're only getting three new PI cases a month. So that's 36 a year, There's 180 cases a year and you can do the math to get to your office. But in reality, a third of the cases suck the lawyer get rid of them. They settled prematurely. So out of the 180 cases, you only have 120 so you're going to have your staff call Every one of those hundred and 20 cases, you're going to call their lawyers and ask one question, is the case still open? and did you get paid? But out of the hundred and twenties that are still open, you're going to call the patient and you're going to say, I need to get you in for a follow up evaluation so I could get your lawyer and updated report. They're going to come in, don't even charge them, considered a marketing expense. So they're going to come in and you evaluate them. You follow the protocols that we give you an evaluation and documentation, and then you call the lawyer and say, I have significant new information about your client. Now you know what you're going to do in that evaluation. You're going to fill in any diagnostic dilemmas and a functional loss issues and you're going to call the lawyer and say I'd like to meet with you. Now at this point in time, they're going to meet with you and you instantly created that paradigm shift, but they're now running after you. See, you're already have their clients. They need you now more than you need them. So they're going to sit with you, Not all of them, but most of them and when you sit with them, follow the protocol and the office meetings with lawyers and medical specialists, that section and it details exactly how to do it. You're going to bring your patient's narrative, their clients, and you're going to sit with them and go over it with them. Then you're going to take the book out and then you're going to show them the chapter of the book with the literature and the literature is going to be pre highlighted because the last thing you want to do is have a 9 page piece of literature and you have to start reading it front of them. This is about your patient right here, you shouldn't know by now You cannot use the literature in a court of law because it's hearsay, but you can use the literature negotiations, especially when the opposing council puts in summary judgment for dismissal in front of the judge based upon the nonsensical piece of deceptive defense rhetoric and now they have the literature to overturn that, to set the rhetoric. Now the other thing is you tell them, this is what I do for cases, if you want, I'll come in and train your staff on this. There's 101 chapters. I do this on a regular basis. I teach. However, I also do something called plaintiff, IMS and a plate defy in me is nothing more than a second opinion. Just like an insurance IME or a defense IME. It's a second opinion and I build it on fee schedule. I leaned that if there's no benefits and we give you the same quality report is very simple. Now, out of those 120 lawyer patients, the ratio is usually for every three patients There's one lawyer. So let's go four to one. So out of those 120 patients, 30 lawyers you're going to meet with. If you meet with 30 lawyers and you go through this process and only half of them like you and only half of them only said one additional new case a month, you just got 15 new cases a month. You went through your clinical excellence and you who gets 10 new cases a month, that's three times That number that you stand to win on, the problem you have is now limited by time. Because if you have 600 cases, there were really 400 that are still active. You can't physically evaluate 400 new patients. But you don't need to do anything else. You're done. My answer to you is, do not work on getting lawyers to meetings.

Guest Dr: Awesome.

Dr Studin: Just keep doing what you're doing. Get trauma Qualified.

Guest Dr: I do have one quick follow up. How often, once we have the book into the office and we've already met with the attorney or we've done a PI, how often do you recommend doing educational content at their office?

Dr Studin: Once a month. They still have a business to run. And the other thing you need to consider is have the lawyer seminar, that's a biggie because you're going to pull in your marketplace, 30 to 35 lawyers. When's the last time you had 35 motors in a room? And at the end of three hours they turned around and say, doctor, can you please come to my office tomorrow? I must sit with you.

Guest Dr: This is extremely valuable. 

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