"You no longer need to refer to lawyers"

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From the Desk of Dr. Mark Studin
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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"Neurosurgeon wanted to have breakfast with me....What I did"


Dr Studin: So what's going on?

Guest Dr: there are similar things happen with two different big law firms recently. And here's the scenario. After meeting these attorneys, educating these attorneys, showing them my CV, they formally tell me that they wanted a reciprocal relationship where they send to me, I send to them a very much crystal clear communication where And I was somewhat encouraged by that. But what happened with both of these firms is I'd send them a handful fairly quickly that were unrepresented. They would sign up my patients and represent them all, was a doing well there. And I'd basically get, next to nothing in return. And I know these are big busy firms where most likely the attorney doesn't know who the staff is sending out to as far as medical providers. But, it's certainly a pattern that I've seen with two very big firms and wonder in a case like this, do I bite my tongue? Do I educate them a little more? What would you recommend?

Dr Studin: So there was a lot of things that come up in that statement. So first is, is that over time as you get busier, you're going to have very little patience to sense the lawyers. You just aren't because lawyers are going to get to know that you are the solution to their problem and they're just going to send you without really caring about getting the case in return because you're going to make them more money, the problem with most doctors and lawyers, lawyers don't understand this yet, but they do understand it is when you send them a referral, you know who they're stuck with you. And if you are a subpar practitioner who practices the old Chiro one step two step, you're going to hurt their case. And the next thing you know is your patient is seeing a pain management doctor or neurologist, a physiatrist that you didn't refer them to, that the lawyer did, and especially in your state, lawyers have much too much power of the purse and they refer too much. And the lawyers think too many decisions, on when MRI should be done. They control the money too much and it's horrible. However, here's the other issue, When you start educating the attorneys and they start realizing what you bring to the table, they won't care about your referrals to them. They're going to take referrals from the other providers and send them to you. And the way to get started to do that is to play defy Emmy's. Let them understand what it is and let them start working with you. Try you out as first. See what it does to their cases. But the other thing is your goaling for those large PI firms, Everyone makes that mistake. And I made that mistake in practice. I have three firms referring me 40 cases a month, Then one lawyer, I went to work for the insurance company, another lawyer went out of practice, third lawyer went to work for the insurance company also. The next thing I knew I had no patients. So I made a critical business strategy and I made a very critical strategic business error. No longer own 40 referrals from one, two or three lawyers. I want one referral from 40 lawyers. And that really homogenizes your practice and insulates you against one lawyers practice going upside down. In addition, there's a very large law firm in long Island where I lived the largest in Suffolk County. And they advertise, they're on billboards, they're on buses, you name it, two years it took me to get into them, And we would arbitrate and we'd win. And 90% of my income is through the arbitration process. So when I sent my first Lean to this law firm, they've politely told me that I could expect to see on every lean $1,000 dollars. That's it. My leans are often more than that. And because we get paced a little I'll go out of business. Well, that's what we do. Well, it took me about five minutes to realize that my last three years of sucking up to this firm was wasted. And I said, I'm not working with them. And I said, no, thank you. I don't your referrals anymore. And it was a big lesson to me. Lastly, and this is critically important, If you're referring to them a couple of cases, you get nothing back. You call the owner and you'd demand the sit down and you say, I've referred 10 cases to your practice and I need to sit down with you, sit with the principles from, explained to him your credentials. 

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