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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"Using P-IME's to build your practice"


Dr. Studin: we spoke a little while ago of what action steps you need to take once you have you your infrastructure set and you've done all the work. But the referrals aren't coming in. And I omitted a Biggie, a real biggie. And it's something I did with Dr. Owens and it got him on the map. It's called the plaintiff by in me. It's just easy. You understand that, which is a second opinion. You should, when you start communicating to the attorneys, tell them, give them your tough cases, give them anything you want. You're going to do a second opinion. You're not going to be a treating doctor. Um, you, well you're not going to physically treat them, but you'll be a treating doctor because you're going to evaluate them or you won't be, you won't be performing therapeutic services on them, but you'll be evaluating them and giving them that second opinion or the plaintiff IME.

In addition, you'll do peer review work for them and you know, they'll send you mountains of paperwork. So when I did this with Dr. Owens and I lecture for him, you know, a decade ago, he had, um, oh gosh, he had you know, like 70 or 80 lawyers in the room and meet, he killed himself to fill during my lecture. He got very few referrals for clients for patients, but it took them, he started meeting with the lawyers and as his mantra at that point in time, that was before we had all the bimonthly flyers and the books before we had all these tools. And he said, listen, just send me your tough cases. And it took him for about two or three months. He was getting 20 to 30 tough cases a month with like cases worth of peer review and Farah through and you know, good, bad or different to write to write reports in about a typical, about a year or two.

And he got zero because every one of those second opinions became fresh cases. Hmm. And it was just wonderful. Now with the advent of Dr Minoni who does IME rebuttals. If you do peer reviews and the lawyer could send you, you know, three cartons worth of medicals. I mean, you know, like two feet worth of paper that could take you like hours and hours to go through. This is easy. You just charged the lawyer, 250 bucks an hour to go through it. That is your fee for peer review, which is reasonable. You outsource it to Dr Minoni, you give him half of what you collect because you don't care if you make money on that or not. It's a loss leader. So, you give them half even though you're going to make money on it. And then after he does his reports, you just fine tune it. He's brilliant at this. He does this for a lot, a lot of doctors around the country, so you could ride him like Seabiscuit and do all that work. You understand it. So this way, this is another incredibly good piece of the puzzle. I forgot last time. Okay.

Guest Dr: Yeah. I've done a couple of the PI, with some, with a lot of success and I educate, whenever I email attorneys, I remind them that I provide the service. I just haven't got enough attorneys yet interested in it or understanding exactly the magnitude of it. I had one patient, a 5% impairment rating and I had her, I retook her x-rays and have them digitized cause, she tested positive for ligament laxity. I was able to give her a 25% whole person impairment rating. And then, the attorney took that information to the insurance and got $100,000 increase in the settlement. And after that I thought they'd send me all their cases. So that hasn't been the case yet.

Dr. Studin: Yeah. But here's the thing, you can email them all day long. You gotta be in their face. You got to sit with them. You got to, like I said previously, have those breakfast, educational meetings or reason what's in it for them to meet with you. Right. You can't wind them and dine them to make the relationship. But if you have a relationship, then you do ballgames, theaters, shows, you know, a golf, whatever you do, you know, then you can schmooze with them after you create the relationship. But you've got to have those relationships and you got to create that, and that's what all of these tools and services that you perform, you know, really come into play.

Guest Dr: Well, I've already started working on that list and reaching out to attorneys and I have a goal to meet with at least one a week. Okay. I'm going to be working on it.

Dr. Studin: Good. But don't bypass the surgeons because that will make the attorneys work.

Guest Dr: I'm putting that list together right now.

Dr. Studin: Good. Okay. Keep in touch.

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