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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"How to advertise your CV on the US Chiropractic Directory"


Dr. Studin: Why don't you ask me that question again, please?

Guest Dr: Okay. So, I want to figure out a way to utilize the website better. I, you know, pay the $30 a month, so what I wanted to know is besides updating my CV, as I get new things on there, what other ways, what other things can I do, to give me more, publicity on the website for lawyers who refer you…

Dr. Studin: you want more exposure and you want to go here?

Guest Dr: Yes.

Dr. Studin: Use your CV listing and your preferred listing on US chiropractic directory, which by the way now is $40 a month. People who are on there are grandfathered in as 30, as long as your credit card. The issue is twofold. Number one, you see how I send out my CV updates periodically?

I mean, it's really obnoxious, isn't it? You always see like, no, seriously it is, but that's okay. But you saw it and you looked at it, right. And even if you don't look at it, you see it's coming, and you don't want to look at it anymore for maybe because it's not as many as you have or you've seen it already. But the bottom line is in your face on a regular basis for a valid reason. Here's my new credentials and you could use me in court if you need to. Um, patients love it because they assume, you know, or they, they assume the position of a family member and they want to brag about, you know, oh my God, my doctor has got so many credentials. So, you really want to get your emails of all of your patients, all of your referral sources, which are your patients and constantly send it out.

In addition, anytime you do any type of digital advertising, whether it be Facebook advertising or linkedin or anything along those lines or on your website, you want to link to this site forward and back. Linking is good for SEO even though SEO has been watered down because Google wants you to buy stuff. Um, it's still valid. I mean, if you're in, you know, you're in Iowa, there's not a person, you know, there's a farm every hundred miles, you're going to move to the top real fast. But if you're in the middle of New York City, you know you're screwed because there's just so many people. Um, but it's so, it's still valid and it's kind of like an economy of scale who's there? But that's how you use this. And when you're with attorneys, you want to let them know that, hey, if you have a client, this resolves your ethics issue of not referring to a doctor.

Just tell your clients that, listen, I have a relationship with Dr. Studin but you know, he's on the cycle, the u s directory. But you can go on there and pick whoever you want. I just happened to know him. Forgot. Go to whoever you want. Following up. There's a lot of ways to use it, but you've got to put the information out there. Okay?

Guest Dr: Okay. Yeah. Thank you.

Dr. Studin: I hope I answered that question.

Guest Dr: You certainly did. 

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