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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"The Power of NOT Asking for Referral"


Dr. Studin: What's going on today?

Guest Dr: So, I have a testimonial for you that I wanted to assume, and it goes back to the comment that you make where you never ask for files. I had meeting with an attorney where I handed him the narrative and I handed him the rebuttal. So, the adverse examination and we are out of post examination meeting of the Ima.

Dr. Studin: Was it an IME or a paper review?

Guest Dr: Paper Review.

Dr. Studin: Oh, it is an IME. Okay. Physical exam. Go ahead.

Guest Dr: Yep. Physical exam done by a neurologist, a ton of care. The attorney read for everything and we commented on it and into the conversation he said, one of the things that I like about you is I can have in medical conversation that too and not be worried at the end of the conversation that you're going to ask me for referrals. He goes, it is so frustrating to meet with chiropractors and no matter whether they're good or whether they’re, you know, bad in terms of their paperwork at the end, I have to brace myself to tell them that I don't have a million referrals to send to them. He goes, I can call you any time and we can just have a conversation. And he goes, it's so refreshing. He goes, you don't realize how much we attorneys cringe at that. It's just awkward. He would end the conversation awkwardly. Okay, now. And he put it as he goes, I got something else for you. Because at that too near to report sir on a patient whose name has been redacted, and he goes, I want you to go back to your office. I want you to read them.

I want you to shred them. And then I want you to call me. One is from the chiropractor and the other one from the neuro neurology clinic. Okay. And he goes, it's because of how you can read through this. And it goes, I am interested in taking this case to trial. And he goes, I'm going to be paying money to do a mock trial. And I think that this is one that we're going to win. And so when I went back and I read through it and I gave him a phone call afterwards, the practice report and I ended up sending me and the neurology report was actually pretty bad, but it actually has more substance to it, and he ended up telling you that he, I think he's not going to go to trial. And again, sending my wife a discard because I've been wanting to charge them for great at the time.

So anyway, it was just an example of aware, not asking for the referral, just leading by clinical excellence, and actually having this attorney come back and tell me to my face, the fact that you don't ask for referrals actually makes it really easy to have a conversation with you at any time. I was kind of blown away by that. I've never in 20 years of practice ever had somebody talk to me about when I never thought about how awkward it was from their standpoint.

Dr. Studin: And you know, it's funny you bring that up, it's an incredibly wonderful testimony to validate, you know, that what we put out there actually works. But you know, to take it one step further, you know, I have a guy in Virginia who, we just got invited to be on the hospital board and the local hospital system never once asked for it.

You put a CV out there, he spoke to the surgeons, told them what he does. He used all the language that I gave him to use. I mean, I'm speaking with this guy for a long time. He's been working on it for two years because it's a process, but it started with the lawyers and I sent an any and it was smart. He did not talk to one lawyer. I told them; you want to do this right. You don't talk to a lawyer until you read every consultation, not just the first six but every single one on all 19 sections. You go out and read, you take every single course much just the trauma of qualification, but every single course we have. And then as soon as another course comes up, you work hard to beat Don Capoferri to be the first one.

And he's been doing that. I mean the two of them fight who was the first one. And I said, once you're there, then I want you to start with lawyers cause they're too frigging easy. And he started meeting with attorneys and you know, he said to them, listen, here's how I work. Here's what I could do for you. I don't care about your referrals. Okay, I love doing this. Here's how I educate. And the lawyer he met with a few weeks ago, actually a few months ago, was a really big law firm in this area. So, listen, like you said, it's just so refreshing to talk to you not worrying about a referral, but my staff doesn't get it. A lot of my lawyers come from the insurance companies, my claim reps, we all have to work with you because you are the solution to our practice and our business and our finances.

You are the solution. I don't care if you don't refer to me. And he said, listen, I don't care if you send me a case or not. I love doing this. Here's the truth of it. Use me or not. I don't care. From there, he met with the neurosurgeon who was having a challenge keeping up with his malpractice, payments because the surgical reimbursements were so slow. And you know, he was taking every crab case in the story. He said the same thing to the surgeon. Here's what I do, you know, here's how I functioned. The surgeon was enamored with him, started sending him tons of cases. Then he introduced them to the hospital and the hospital just put them on their board because he's so freaking qualified and they found his credentials on the u s chiropractic directory. They spoke with him. It’s a small private hospital system, but they've got like four or five hospitals spread out and they said, we want you on our board and we want to make sure we don't lose these referrals.

And you seem to be the guy who can do this because he hasn't asked anybody for referral lawyers, surgeons, hospitals, or running after him, but it's two years. It's a process. But he spent, he built his entire infrastructure just like you then, but this guy did not even have a desire. You know, he listened. I'm not going to ask for anyone for referral. I'm not going to meet with anyone. That's all. I've got my full credentials, ducks in a row and in works. It just works. So, I'm proud of you. You'd be great. And then they'll sometimes, it's hard to say 70 there with not to say send me the referral, which has been great. I'm proud of you.

Guest Dr: Thank you.

Dr. Studin: You have a great day and I'll catch you probably next week. Bye Bye.

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