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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"What's next for Dr. Studin"


Hey everyone, it's Dr Mark Studin speaking. It's early Sunday morning and I'm just sitting about thinking, what's next for me? You know what, I started doing this nationally, and almost 15 years ago I really wanted to find a way to bridge the gap between doctors and lawyers and what could make things change in our industry and what could make things easier for you. And then, you know, my wife had cancer, actually three times in a five year period. And, she's fine now. Thank God. But I had to run after a surgeon. I had to run after a doctor to take care of her. Can you imagine that patients running after doctors? Well, you know, sometimes when it's life and death, you're highly motivated, but when you're dealing with someone's spine, I mean, why shouldn't you be as highly motivated?

And it matters. And then I said to myself, why should the lawyers run after our doctors because we have their solutions. And you know, what did just that we created a paradigm and we realized that, and I said to myself, you know, we need to have validation and not just in Chiropractic, we need to have medical validation. So, we've got SUNY Buffalo, SUNY, the State University of New York medical school, took us three years to get postdoctoral credits rendered, AMA credits the chiropractors. And then I worked with Dr Peiser and Dr Shatty, a medical neuroradiologist and a medical neurosurgeon to teach courses to chiropractors and it worked. Then it was just wonderful. And then we ended Dr. Perkins in there and now we have talked to Dr. Edwards and, Dr Brandice and it goes on and on. And Dr Fishkin, it just goes on and on.

And then I said, you know, we need to create credentials. So we went out and created a trauma qualification and then the primary spine care qualification, then a hospital qualification because we needed to check that box off, uh, when dealing with hospitals. and then we created, a qualification for evaluation and management and trial and a mini fellowship in neuroradiology and studying with Dr Peister. And the next thing you know, I look at CV’s and doctors, Cv’s are 20, 30, 40, 50 pages long. And, then we want medical doctors to run after us. And you know, it's more rare for me to see the medical doctors not running after our, the art credential doctors and now hospital walls. The barriers are breaking down. We've got the fellowship program. I mean, we've got a lot of really cool things going on and all of things were just seeds.

They were just seeds and things we wanted to do and guess what? They’re reality. So, what's next, what's next? And really what's next for me and listen, you know, I kind of say what happens when I'm not in the game? What's next? And that's very, very important because when I'm out of the game, when I'm a dead or senile or an old and decrepit, or just want to hang out at the beach on a regular basis and don't want to do this anymore, what's next? What's my legacy? Well, my legacy is you. That's my legacy. So, you know, and it's not just doctors who have really stepped up and I've talked about you. You all know who you are, you all know who you are. It's everybody. It's all of you. Your next, you need to become the next wave of leaders in this industry.

In our profession. You need to step up and teach. You need to lead by example. You need to have cvs that are 30, 40, 50 pages long. You need to be controlling politics through academia. You need to be publishing. You need to be writing on a consistent basis. Um, and you need to be recruiting. You need to be recruiting every single doctor of chiropractic that you have any level of influence over to join our program, to take the courses, um, and listen, as much as that sounds, self-serving, believe me, the extra hundred $99 a month or without, it's not going to make me rich or poor. But what it's going to do, it's going to increase our army and we're going to hit critical mass. And the next thing you know, our entire profession is going to change. It's going to change. You're going to see shows TV shows about chiropractors much more than you know.

It won't just be, oh, by the way, it'll be all about the trials and tribulations and you'll see chiropractic like what just happened in Virginia, which was just elected the head of the medical board. Okay? You'll see chiropractors in a higher place of prominence to help control policy. You will see government funding at a much higher level. We need more soldiers on the ground. We need more foot soldiers. You need to recruit more doctors to get them to understand what it means to be the best of the best to clinical excellence. That's what's next for me. My next step is to help build your practice. You’re my legacy. I need to help you do that. I need to really foster you. Build it. This entire movement that we have in, yes, it's a movement. You know it's funny, someone said, I drank the student Koolaid.

Well, guess what? We need to get every doctor to do that because it's about getting smarter. It's about getting better. It's about learning how to manage your cases. It's learning how to have the neurosurgeons call you for your advice on the Ortho surgeons and the hospitals begging you to come in. We have some right now, but not enough. We need to break the old walls down and break those barriers down folks. That's what's next. And listen, we all roll in this together and I need your feedback. I need your feedback of what I need to do to make this a richer experience for you. Listen, if you haven't listened to the infrastructure consultations on podcasts, do so. I know you're probably listening to all the quickies and the podcasting but listen to the infrastructures. I've written them. They're so different. You got the message down, you need to hear it a little bit differently.

I just recorded number 99 this morning and I'm going to keep going. I've slowed down a little bit. I've got to pick up some speed. So just keep going. Just keep listening, listening, listening, reading, reading. Take every course available. Every single one. I want your CV to be 50 pages long. Don't stop and recruit people to join our movement. It's critically important. So, I look forward so much to talking to each of you. I look forward to seeing each of you succeed at unprecedented levels in your practice. And I am really humbled by just about everyone out there who's made the commitment to be the best of the best. Listen, thank you so much. And, I'm not stopping. I'm not stopping anytime soon. And, we're going to enjoy this ride together. Go. Let's get other people to play with. Thanks. Have a great day.

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