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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"How do I put graphics in the narrative to make it demonstrable"


Dr Studin: So what's going on?

Guest Doctor: I got Dr Mike helped me out with my narratives he had indicated that we did demonstrable evidence of the MRIs, actually the picture of the MRIs, the little pointers and all that stuff. And I looked on your website and I found where you had it, but I don't know how to do that and how to make that, how to arrows or how to put it in the report, any of that kind of stuff.

Dr Studin: You're technologically challenged.

Guest Doctor: Yeah.

Dr Studin: how old are you?

Guest Doctor: I am 57.

Dr Studin: In the year 1989, in New York, we wanted to start a new chiropractic organization because we had verified evidence that the current organization at that point in time, was very corrupt, being bought off by insurance companies and doing really bad things against their profession. But with that being said, the lead doctor in that was also very technologically challenged, he was probably in his late 40’s at that point in time. And remember it was 89 a technology was first emerging. So what he did was he went to his local high school and he took courses on how to do things like word, which was in its rudimentary format, PDFs. But he took academic courses in a local high school to give him the knowledge to do that so we could get the message out, as I started getting into what I do because I am all technology. I have a technology based business, and I have spent hours learning this stuff and teaching myself and asking, masters in this, I'm 63.I'm a tech nerd. I really understand how to do all this stuff and what it is done because We live in a tech world. So the issue is my answer to you is one of two fold. And I guess it's a lot and more people in our generation cause you're close to my age, I'm a control freak. I want to know how to do things and learning how to do things like pointers, etc. You can be taught to you in about four minutes, and I'll even teach it to you when we're done. We'll go to meeting session; I'll teach you how to do it. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. It is my strongest suggestion to call your local high school or college, just like one of my mentors did years ago and take some basic courses and how to use Microsoft word, Microsoft PowerPoint, you could use either one to create this, but those are the basic things. So you have the power, not over this, but so many other applications. But that's choice number one. Choice number two is find the 10-year-old kid. And pay him to do it Literally, to pay someone to do it to create these things or have a friend or one of your kids or if you have any grandchildren, but get someone to help you do it or hire someone or pay someone. Now with that being said, it's interesting, I might find someone who might be interested in creating a business for our clients charge like $10 or $20 an image to do all this, to make it work awhile. But for me, I don't like wasting money. Why do you have to spend when you could just take a few minutes and learn it? So choice number one, you could sit and hunt and peck and figure it out and you will figure it out. And the best way to do that, is you go to Google and you put, how do add arrows in word, in office 365. How did you add hours in word for office 365 was the latest version of word. How old is your computer?

Guest Doctor: Oh, it's probably three years old.

Dr Studin: You're just on the cusp of needing a new one. Do you have a laptop or a desktop?

Guest Doctor: Desktop.

Dr Studin: Are you in front of that computer?

Guest Doctor: I am.

Dr Studin: Open up a web browser and type in and hit go. Because you're going to check Your download speeds. And let's tell me what your downloaded upload speeds are.

Guest Doctor: Download is 21.16.

Dr Studin: Mine is 352. Your download is very slow and that'll hold you up. So when you're working or you staff is working, they'll have to wait an extra two, three, four seconds. Do that 50 times a day. So you call your Internet service provider. I have files. Who Do you have?

Guest Doctor: Century Link

Dr Studin: Call Century look and tell them you want a higher bandwidth. The information comes, it's like a highway. You've got a one lane highway, you need a three lane highway, you should shoot for a hundred megabytes, a hundred download and a hundred upload as a minimum if you can, you might not get the upload and that's not critical to you, but download it is. That's number one, you're on a PC, correct?

Guest Doctor: Yes.

Dr Studin: Well I want you to do is go into the bottom where it says type here or search on the bottom left. Is the search where you can just type, just type the word system and hit enter. And you have a screen now with well listen. First, where it says, system type eight from the top, nite from the top. What does it say?

Guest Doctor: X64- …

Dr Studin: perfect, processor?

Guest Doctor: Intel R core key MI34 4,030 CPU at 3.4.

Dr Studin: I have 8,700 CPU. So mine's twice that space. And the I3 is okay, but you'd need a later generation. I would go with I5 or an I7 all the way to the bottom got installed. Physical Memory RAN and it'll give it to you in gigabytes.

Guest Doctor: 6

Dr Studin: That's your biggest problem. I have 32. So 6 is Ram when you type something and it has to paint or think it only has six gigabytes to do that and was very resource driven. So you need at least 18 gigabytes, the more the better, and that's very important. That's the computer you need and it works. So your computer for three years ago was okay, not great, but your 6 gigabyte a ram will slow you down tremendously, your download speed at 20, so you have a functioning computer but the technology is old every two years I have literally a gaming computer meant for like gamers that state of the art that I had personally built that cost $2,500 just for the box just to buy the parts and the guy did it for me as a favor to put it together in two years I'm throwing it out, because technology changes so much and other tech based business, so you're coming up into the tech world, but more importantly, you need someone to help you learn how to do those things. And you could start by googling, how do I do this in word? and it'll tell you step by step and take the course. 

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