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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"How to get law firms to refer to you"


Dr Studin: Now you had shared with me that you have the second meeting with the law firm. Is that correct?

Guest Doctor: Yes.

Dr Studin: Okay. Now with, with this meeting, what happens at the first meeting,

Guest Doctor: the first meeting was basically a solicitation by the law firm to get referrals from my office and it, it was a pretty one sided conversation where they were just looking for me to refer to them, but it didn't really seem too interested in referring to me. So, the second meeting, after I referred them a few patients, I'm just basically trying to figure out how to approach it so then I can get reciprocation.

Dr Studin: Okay. So, what you told me in the conversation before we started recording and met with this guy and basically he was a deck, did I say that right?

Guest Doctor: Yeah, he was, yeah, he was very distant, you know, during, during the meeting.

Dr Studin: All right. Correct. Myself up. Okay. now here's, here's the other thing. He sat with you a little bit of matter of fact, but your, your general demeanor over the past few years has been appreciative that the leave and want to work with you and you want to, you want to change that

Guest Doctor: channeled the doctor student.

Dr Studin: Yeah. You, want to be pompous of noxious, opinionated and authoritative kind of a little bit like kind of a little bit like me, you met with a typical law firm and I, understand that this law firm is very aggressive. They do a lot of big cases and you know, they have you or you have them just where they want you. Do you hear what I just said? You have them where they want you. Now what they're doing is they're giving you the proverbial hand job and taking you out for a fancy lunch to grease the wheels because you've already referred them. How many cases,

Guest Doctor: two or three cases in the last few months.

Dr Studin: And you've referred and they've referred you zero.

Guest Doctor: Zero. Yeah.

Dr Studin: you are trauma qualified, you took all the courses, you have your CV up on the u s chiropractic directory. You've built your infrastructure.

Guest Doctor: Yes.

Dr Studin: Okay. Here's how to function in this environment. And it's very easy. You sit down, you sank though for the top for lunch. And you say, let me be perfectly clear with you. I am trauma qualified. I've spent a lot of time learning how to ensure that, if I ever have to go to court and be Vlade deard use that term. You know what a Quad d r means now and has to be flagged, tiered. I will pass muster. Okay. My reports are not only colossus compliant, but my narratives cover the four corners of your case. And that's a legal term. And you need to say that. And by the way, if you haven't taken the testifying courses, the two of them, you should, they're incredible little help you understand the language. So, if I ask to cover the for my reports, cover the four corners of your cases, you're going to win. Now, with that being said, majority of attorneys that I work, a lot of lawyers that I work with could care less about my referrals because they know working with me, they're going to make more money. And in fact, what I'm doing, there's a lot of second opinions for attorneys because when I do a second opinion on cases, especially the marginal cases, but the doctors still have diagnostic dilemmas, meaning MRIs weren't ordered, mgs weren't ordered, one clinically indicated functional losses weren't discussed. So, you can't get in causality, demonstrably bodily injury and persistent functional losses. Those are the things that I focused on my reports so that you can meet the standards of the state in order to prevail in a higher level. And we meet the insurance companies, colossus, algorithms. So, if you want to settle, we have you covered from settlement, the verdict. Now I've sent you a few cases. I did that to get your attention. Well I'm not sending but I'm not sending you any more cases. Please understand that. Okay, the tag you're at, so it's entirely up to you. If you want to have a relationship year forward, you want, you want to get cases from me and, and I don't know how many I'll be able to send, but my full expectation is to get cases back from you and in a short order because there's a lot of firms out there that want my referrals, but more importantly than my referrals, what I have to offer is getting significantly higher settlements or verdicts for the cases you have because I take those into a posture of clinical excellence and necessity. We order things that haven't been ordered. We fill in the blank so that again, we can call it correlate causality dot. A demonstrative bottle, the injury and persistent functional loss. When you do that, you're going to win at a higher level. And I understand colossus really well. I am just, I know the settlement algorithms, which, which help you to settle. And again, I'm being redundant. I know what you need in order to, to, to receive a good verdict. I got all those things down, but right now what I'm getting from you is a great lunch or just some referrals and I'm not interested in your lunch even though I appreciate it. what fuels our business is referrals and a few fuels. Your business is suddenly at a higher level. So I don't know how we can work forward and going forward from here, but that's, that's entirely up to you. But you know, I'm, open for anything. What do you say?

Guest Doctor: Yeah, I like it because it was a more aggressive approach that I'm used to for sure.

Dr Studin: It is a highly aggressive approach. Yeah. Right. this is going to be up and I know you're going to want to hear that over and over and over. This is going to be up, on the podcast within the next few days. But if you email me a request, I will get you this recording, within the next hour or two cause I'm going to forget to send it to you so I'm not near a computer so that you can listen to it over and over and over before you go into the meeting. So it's locked in t right, but catch the tone. I'm like leaning forward in my seat. So I, I'm wearing a suit. Yes, I am dressed. I am dressed to the nines and I don't mean to crappy hundred and $29, you know, from, you know, from a Walmart suit. Yep. And by the way, you, Uncle Marvin taught me about dressing. I actually took a course called dress for success by a Robert Ponti. He was a, a designer and a success, consultant in the 80s called dress for success. But uncle Marvin, who is no longer with me, unfortunately, is one of my credible mentors in life, told me, I don't want you to buy five crappy suits. I want you to save the money and buy one really good handmade Kalyan will, Italian net, whatever you want to do. Really good suit. I mean really good, you know it's going to cost you. You know Denny said, you know, seven, 800 bucks and now it's about 1,015 hundred bucks. All right. And that's what you need to do. Cause when you walk in it matters because the good suits don't wrinkle the crappy suits, wrinkle, good shirts. No, I'm serious. All of these little things matter tremendously because you never get a second chance of a first impression, right?

Guest Doctor: Yup. Yes sir.

Dr Studin: Any other questions? Cause I pretty much, I think we hit the nail on the head with this one. Yup.

Guest Doctor: No, thank you very much. I'll email you and so I can get the audio.

Dr Studin: Remember, pompous, noxious, somewhat aggressive. I am serious authority.

Guest Doctor: I'm there. I'm there. Trust me.

Dr Studin: I do trust you. I just want to make sure that message got across you. You’re the dude with the edge and you are in control because you have what they need.

Guest Doctor: Yup. Okay. Thank you.

Dr Studin: Later alligator.

Guest Doctor: Bye. All right. Right.

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