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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"Trauma Team Sweeping Nation with Referrals"


Dr Studin: I'm on with Dr. Johnston from Fairlawn, New Jersey and John has been a member with us for a very long time and John is a trauma team member. So John, what's been coming up for me a lot lately and doctors don't realize this is being on the trauma team, we originally looked at that for the Wall Street people, which by the way it is happening and it's just taking a lot longer than we ever anticipated because there's just so many hurdles we have to overcome and we will overcome them. But in creating that trauma team and posting it, it's created opportunities for doctors. Now the question is, how do you use that list that's posted online?

Guest Doctor: Basically, if I have a patient and they're either going on vacation, or if they have a family member that's in another eight or in another state and they need a chiropractor, I go to that listing first.

Dr Studin: why do you feel confident using that list?

Guest Doctor: Because I know the doctors are well trained in there. Well if I had a name practice at the level And I practice that, and I'm comfortable in referring to anyone that is on the trauma team.

Dr Studin: The other thing is we do lawyer seminars every six months, going on over 10 years. And right now we don't let any chiropractor in the room who is not trauma qualified on that list. But we go to great lengths to educate the attorneys throughout and you're in New Jersey, which really affects also New Jersey and Pennsylvania. But we go to great lengths to explain to the attorneys and train the attorneys that those are the only doctors you should go to. Now, remember Jersey's a bellwether state, which is a credentialing process and the courts to allow doctors to testify. Do you get feedback from the lawyers about working only with those level of trained doctors?

Guest Doctor: I have an organization I created, it's called The New Jersey accident and injury group. And that's a group of all the doctors that are team qualified, we created a map of New Jersey, that has all the patients of the doctors, And it has the name and the contact information of all the doctors. And this week, I was actually at the NJAJ Convention.

Dr Studin: that's New Jersey trial lawyers association.

Guest Doctor: I mean there were about 1500 attorneys there, most of them Breakfast, personal injury, and I had quite a number of attorneys come up to our Both we have at the convention then I was handing the maps out. And I had several of the attorneys comment that they have a copy of the map, posted in their offices and they refer to the map when they have a client in an area that they're not.

Dr Studin: that's what I'm getting around the country, the similar feedback from lawyers and it's really starting to spread like wildfire all over the country. Every time I lecture and I lecture in over 30 different states, the lawyers are saying, I understand the level of training of those doctors that you've trained. And I mean I was in New York this past week. You were in New Jersey, you handle the doctors there. I was just in Jacksonville, Florida, Houston, Texas, we were up in Colorado. We're in California or all over the country, But lawyers are starting to realize that credentials matter. And by just being listed on that site , that's where lawyers go to, cause we're educating them. Go to that site and we're about to send out a whole big list or to a whole big list of emails that look at these trauma team doctors. I mean it's a lot of free advertisement for us and that's how you win through clinical excellence and it works. It just works really well. The next thing we're doing is we're starting to train the surgeons and the medical specialists on who they should work with and then primaries. So, we're really creating quite a movement of the benefit of doing that. And it works really well. Now you've been involved in the trial lawyers and working with them and I lectured for the many times throughout the past few years and the reality is they know, and in the beginning before you started and then brought me in, they wouldn't even allow a chiropractor to rent the booth space from them, let alone be one of their keynote speakers, which I've done so many times. we really change through academia and clinical excellence, the entire shift of personal injury referrals in the nation. And it's really cool stuff, but I'm pretty much done, unless if you're not a trauma team member, you're listening to this. You have to get trauma qualified. And if you go to the website, that's the homepage of a you're going to see there four boxes, like a little bit down, maybe an inch or two down the last boxes, his qualifications, and you can look up to see exactly what you need to learn or at the they're all posted. So there's a lot of really cool things going on that really help you and it's not about breakfast lunches and dinner.

Guest Doctor: I agree with everything that you said. And I feel that in the next few years, I think the trauma team members are going to be the leaders in the profession and the go to doctors almost all medical referrals.

Dr Studin: I think that's 100% accurate, we just changed requirements. We added on there electro-diagnostic course on how to interpret EMG CV which will be out very shortly, probably by the time you listen to this, it will be available as well as a full concussion course. And then TBI, TBI and PTSD, that's now part of the requirement. We've taken away a few of the requirements just to balance it out, not to make an arduous, we constantly change it and update, In addition, our academic partner that sponsors this requires a re-credentialing process every three years, which we have to do. So you're going to have to go through a re-credentialing process every three years and the clock is going to start shortly. Once we finished that negotiation with them, it'll be an easy, inexpensive, like $50, because we have to check your license. And it's a process that they want us to do in order to maintain the qualification, but it's just an easy thing and you're going to have to actually catch up on a couple of the courses. But who wouldn't want to take a course on how to interpret electrical diagnostics, and if you are credentialed in doing, if you're a diplomates in EMG NCV, you get grandfathered in that, but concussion stuff.

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