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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"Lawyer's office manager stopped referring when Lawyer want to refer to me"


Dr Studin: Start from the beginning. Let me know the story

Guest Doctor: I have a law firm that's pretty high volume that works right down the street from me. I know the head partner, I've met with him, he invited me into the practice. I did an initial talk to his group. They were all for working with me. They were sending me 10 plus 15 plus referrals a month

Dr Studin: for how long

Guest Doctor: for about three to four months. Then all of a sudden everything got cut off and I was trying to dig to find out what happened. Well it turns out their main negotiator, so to speak, is a real bitch and she doesn't want to hear anything. I have to say. Doesn't want any education. She calls everything a junk soft tissue case, Every time I talked to her, she wanted to reduce my bill by 30 or 40% and we'd get really pissed off. And I told her the whole nature of why we were working together was to, to get educated and see more value in these cases and she just didn't care. So she told the a she never even ran it by the main guy, the partner, she just ran it by the investigator who assigns the cases when they're out in the field to say

Dr Studin: she made an independent decision that you'll more effort than you're worth

Guest Doctor: When I reported this to the head partner, when I finally got him involved, he's like, he acted like he was pissed off and he was like, we should be working with you. You know, he's telling me again,

Dr Studin: he was pissed off at the adjuster, not you.Well at his staff member

Guest Doctor: , he's like, I don't understand why we're not sending you cases. That's ridiculous. so then when I finally got him, I said, find out what happened. And he kept back to me. He said, Anne said that you only sent us two cases and we sent you like 17 one months. And then I explained to him, I said, I'll send you what I can and I have sent you more than that. But the bottom line is you shouldn't need cases for me. It's not the volume that you have a problem with the quality and extracting more value out of these soft tissue tag. So that's the whole reason I got together with you guys not to change referral for referral. I go then don't even use me. You don't need me then. And I went through the whole thing with him.He goes, no, you're right. We need to get this sorted out. and he's just super busy. He runs a pretty busy officer himself. I finally got him nailed down to have lunch with him at the end of the month. But I've got to deal with this bitch issue because that's his main person that that calls the shots in the office.

Dr Studin: so this is, that's just about as easy as it gets. If you have a very bad meeting with him, if it doesn't go the way you want. How many, how many cases do you getting right now?

Guest Doctor: I can live with or without them.

Dr Studin: no, you didn't answer my question. How many cases? Zero.

Guest Doctor: Zero. Yeah.

Dr Studin: so it doesn't get any more really bad. It can't get any worse. The only way you could go is up, So what I would do is I would start with some really interesting research about how to age data herniation or how to show arthritis is not, doesn't mean everything's preexisting. Start with one or two really good research articles and explain to them, listen, here's a or low speed stuff proving the low speeds. Do you have a copy of the book? I got the black book. Unfortunately there's some typos in the one that's posted. What do you meeting with them

Guest Doctor: at the end of May

Dr Studin: Oh good. You have time. Okay. You're going to buy a copy of the low speed book. I send you a copy, but I have zero here and I'm just, I we published it with and went out with errors and I'm reap. I had proof. Now I'm just fixing it. It'll take me a week to fix. So in a week, go by the book. On the site, the low speed book, you're going to sit down with them and you're going to clip two or three articles or you just kind of put two or three clips in there. Or paper clips and things you want to talk about that you've highlighted and you're going to say to him, these are my credentials. This is what I do. You're going to get, you know, you can get the black book, the evidence based Book and go, here's two or three here. I mean, this is what we worked from. This is everything you do. so, you know, I just want to let you know and, and I'm more than happy to educate your staff on this .and that's where you start. Then in a perfect world, you segue into the claims adjuster. The claims adjuster was still going off of old school stuff. If it's low speed, low soft tissue, it's not worth anything. But people are getting, you know, a lot of money on this stuff. You know, we've, we've worked with the people who work the Colossus Algorithm, you know, for stage four them, you know, we, we have relations with those people whose gymnastics by the way. And I speak to them all the time. That's where we get a lot of this stuff. my job is to add value to your cases. That's my job. My job isn't to refer you one for one because I don't get that many. What I do is I get my, my forte is anything of value to a kid based upon what's clinically they have. But my forte also is to take your IME doctors and your DME doctors, you know, the different states.

Guest Doctor: Defense versus insurance. Yep

Dr Studin: But you know when each is take used.

Guest Doctor: Yes.

Dr Studin: Okay. So [inaudible] my job is to take the [inaudible], the DMEs and just eviscerate them. Okay. Totally eviscerate them and make their opinion non-relevant you know, because they've lied and we caught them and we, we have, you know, ways to do it. That's my role. you're a negotiator who assigns things. Your negotiator, doesn't care. All she wants is herniated discs, fractures and brain damage and ignoring all of these other things. All of these other firms around the state and around the country are starting to make a lot of money with cause it's the future. If you keep looking just for old stuff, the carriers have really tied down the old stuff well and how to handle it. The carriers are starting to really not to know with all this new stuff. And that is indication around the country. So even if you take, you know, for every one really good brain case and you know, herniated disc that needs surgery, you've got 50 of this little stuff that they're offering you two, three grand, that my job is to maybe get you the 2030 40 grand. And that can happen in a lot of those cases. Even if we bring it to eight to 10 grands, you know, it's the same amount of effort on your part. Someone has to make one additional phone call and we come on. Well you get the right report in there and all of a sudden the colossus algorithm all of a sudden spits out a much higher number [inaudible] and , it's just a piece of cake and if you want to slap around a little bit, here's my CV. You leave it on the table. The court, I'll pass. You have wild deer healing any day of the week. So I don't, I don't know what else to do. If you want to go one for one in referrals, I ain't you guy. I'm not your guy. Yeah, yeah.

Guest Doctor: I've already told him that.

Dr Studin: Yeah, I've sent you a but reiterate it. I sent you a couple already. But that's not what this relationship is about. This relationship is about maximizing your case based upon the clinical evidence in front of us and not allowing the carriers deceptive rhetoric to rule the day

Guest Doctor: that your, that your person is buying into.

Dr Studin: You know all she wants to do is handle the, the case is she knows she's going to win. Those are the easy ones. Any monkey can win those. Right. It's a challenge as is. What about the other 75 to 80% that you're turning away?

Guest Doctor: that you're getting low dollar offers dollar.

Dr Studin: I've get it on that. You're getting low ball offers. Don't know what to do with them. My job is out of the 70 80% of your low ball offers and don't know what to do. 

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