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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"Where do I start getting more PI cases?"


Dr Studin: so what's going on?

Guest Doctor: So, I've been busy cleaning up messes and re cleaning up messes because I’m sliding back into old bad habits.

Dr Studin: you've been in the program how long?

Guest Doctor: coming on a year

Dr Studin: You're one of the smartest doctors in our program. I mean you're just really smart and you figured out a lot of things and you've done a lot of work and you figure things out and you're smart. And here's what most of our smarter doctors do. they're reading, they keep a list of things they want to implement into the program. And you pick and choose those things that you think will work really well in your office. And, a lot of it does work. But here's what the stupid doctors do. They realize they're too stupid to reinvent the wheel. They're not going to figure out. And instead of taking pieces of the program and putting it into their practice, they just put that practice in the program, lock, stock and barrel. And you could always tell the stupid guys from the smart guys, cause the stupid guys are in the bank depositing their money and the smart guys are outside with their face pressed up against the window looking in.

Guest Doctor: Exactly.

Dr Studin: and say that guy's a frigging idiot. How come he's doing? And I'm not. So we, I got a dummy you up a little bit.

Guest Doctor: Okay.

Dr Studin: So how many patients a week are you seeing right now?

Guest Doctor: 75 to a hundred

Dr Studin: what percentage is personal injury?

Guest Doctor: Zero.

Dr Studin: None.

Guest Doctor: So I ain't, scratch it, let's rewind that. So let's, let's say about 5% cause I got some stuff, but it's not nothing attorney related.

Dr Studin: that's fine. And it doesn't have to be attorney related. Is it just your patients would get into accidents, would come back

Guest Doctor: yes.

Dr Studin: From your family. Practical family practice.

Guest Doctor: Yeah

Dr Studin: Okay. Now, what we need to do is we need to make you, we need to give you a level of visibility within the legal community.

Guest Doctor: Okay.

Dr Studin :First thing is we have to start building a reputation, Now you have your CV’s for the us chiro directory, correct?

Guest Doctor: Correct.

Dr Studin: do you have an email database of attorneys in your community?

Guest Doctor: No, I do not.

Dr Studin: It's the first thing you need to do. So, and again, this is all been outlined in the marketing section of the, of the Kunz consultant.

Guest Doctor: gotcha, I just started reading only counsel.

Dr Studin: Okay. So, what you need to do is get a database of attorney's emails within a 30-mile radius of you and not just in your office, because remember, lawyers 2030 miles a while have clients in your community. So, you're going to get a database of, lawyers, email actresses, 30 miles, away. Now you're a trauma team member, correct?

Guest Doctor: Correct.

Dr Studin: Okay. Now what you should have been doing all along because you've got a new credentials, you trickle out a little bit. Look at my new credential, But you, you've lost that opportunity, but we're going to recreate it. What you're going to do is trickle out those credentials every two or three weeks. Three, three or four citations, five citations, three or four. And that'll cover you for a close to, you know, a half a year to year. Okay. So this way you're just going to get some information out there now. How many Pi cases are you juggling right now? Two, three, five, eight, ten.

Guest Doctor: A [inaudible] two.

Dr Studin: Sure. you get two a month. On average would you say

Guest Doctor: not even that

Dr Studin: one a month?

Guest Doctor: one every other month.

Dr Studin: If that's you, if you have six Pi cases a year in your office, right. That okay. What I want you to do is go back five years, which is 30 cases and I want you to call the lawyer and ask, is the case still active? but You. Your staff calls their staff.

Guest Doctor I can guarantee you there's none. There's nothing to call.

Dr Studin Everyone has been, not that you've been paid, but their case has been settled or did you go into court? Not you've been taped?

Guest Doctor: No, Nothing that's gone to court. I haven't dealt with any attorneys.

Dr Studin: but again, you're still, how do you know that every case has been resolved? Not, with you being paid

Guest Doctor: because I know that none of my patients have ever have retained an attorney.

Dr Studin: There is zero patients retained the lawyer So then the next thing you're going to do is you're going to call the local Bar Association and the local Bar Association has meetings and that's where lawyers congregate and there's something called the plaintiff's bar, the defense bar, et cetera, and you're going to call and find out when it, when the plaintiff bar is, when, when they meet, if they have a plaintiff's bar, you're also going to call up the local trial lawyers association. You might have to call your state trial lawyers association and see when they meet. And what you want to do is you want to go and you want to sponsor some meetings. But not one or two. You want to go. And, and when I did it, it was like a hundred, 150 bucks a meeting and I went on a continual basis and I went, you know, month after month after month. In the beginning it was just shaking hands, you know, introducing myself. I give, I throw some bimonthly. I said, do you do any personal injury work? If it's yes, I give them a bimonthly flyer, you know, not the whole book, just a flyer.

Guest Doctor: Okay.

Dr Studin: you know, with my name on it, just, just again on reputation, building, reputation, building, reputation building. That's what I'm doing now.

Guest Doctor Gotcha.

Dr Studin: And that's the best way to get started in education. What you want to do is you want to start calling the local personal injury lawyers and say, I'm having a breakfast meeting or having a breakfast Cle, which stands for continuing legal education. It's not so credits, but I'm doing the breakfast cle and I'm talking about, age dating, herniated discs. I'm talking about not, not all. If there's arthritis, the injuries are not preexisting, a low speed rear impact craters. All the things you could talk about, and it's a one hour. It's a one hour meeting. We'll be talking just one drilling down on one topic. I'll have research. and I'd like to invite you and go to a nice place, Don’t go to like the greasy spoon diner. Go to a place that has a tablecloth on it? Two lawyers have three waters, no more than two or three. And you want to do this, you know, at least once to twice a week. And you might have to call it 50 or 60, 70 lawyers. You could, you can email them invitations. You could call their office, you could have your staff call their staff. and now you're going to start getting in front of all the attorneys now from medical specialists, you're referring out, MRIs?

Guest Doctor: Yes.

Dr Studin: And how many, how many specialists’ referrals do you make on average? A month? One, two, three,

Guest Doctor: like two or three

Dr Studin: Good. Do you deal with the same neurosurgeon every time?

Guest Doctor: Yes, I do.

Dr Studin: Good. Do you have a relationship with them?

Guest Doctor: Not yet.

Dr Studin: Not that I consider a relationship. You need to call up that surgeon. And you'd make the say I've been referring to you consistently. My PR, my trauma-based practice is getting is the vast to get this year I'd like to meet with you.

Guest Doctor Okay.

Dr Studin: I want to know what your parameters are and I want to sit and chat with you and we want to go through these things and you know, review and you can sit down and you can tell them about what you do with slice thicknesses and how you travel. Qualify. Then you're trained through the state, University of New York, of Buffalo School of medicine on MRI and spinal biomechanical engineering. You just, you know, you want to know that if you have a desk and you're not sure about it, you can ever relationship where you could call because you're starting to get paid a whole lot more of, now I've just given you a lot of work to do. [inaudible] What you're going to do is you're going to get started. You're going to call me back or the weekend. Tell me what you've accomplished. Got It?

Guest Doctor: Got It.

Dr Studin: Got It. Talk to you then. All right, mark, thanks so much

Guest Doctor: later, alligator. You're welcome. Bye.

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