"Getting Started and Increasing my Volume of PI Cases"

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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

Getting Started and Increasing my Volume of PI Cases


Dr Studin: So what's going on?

Guest Doctor: I've just completed the other requirements for the trauma team, a membership. So I'm looking to get my CV completed with all that documentation. It's already up on the directory on the US Chiropractic directory. So, that's where I'm at. I've done some studying with you. I'm trying to get the CV buffed out. I should have that done by the end of the day now. So I'm just trying to make the switch to get more PI patients.

Dr Studin: So let me just regress for a second and all the pieces of the puzzle together because this is important. And when we look at this right now you're into building your infrastructure. Have you read through all the consultations, yes or no?

Guest Doctor: Yes sir.

Dr Studin: I just want you to know that I know someone that's made a lot more mistakes than you have. It's called me. So if I can figure it out, anybody can, and I tell everyone, I'm not the smartest person in the world, but I am the most persistent you're ever going to meet your life, I will never give up. It's about finding the right formulas and structure and what will resonate in your community. So what we're going to do, and I know you talked about PI and that's obviously the holy grail because PI obviously pays more than anything else. I have no problems with that because PI cases need to be treated just like non Pi cases do, but how do you get there? the issue is we have to create you to be a primary spike to their provider. And what that means is you're not going to just look for lawyers to refer to you, but medical specialists, medical primaries, urgent cares and emergency rooms because you never know in your community what's going to resonate. We have some communities where, Oh my God, the lawyers are like gang busters. I just hung up with a guy in Memphis, Tennessee. He's getting six plaintiff IMs a week just from one lawyer sending to him and he says he's got a bunch of lawyers sending them every single week. I have another guy, who says to me, listen, I don't get anything for lawyers, but you know what? I've got two surgeons right now and I'm getting about 20 to 30 PIs a month just from those two surgeons, let alone all the other things that's going in my practice. I've got some people that work with emergency rooms here. I've got a guide down in Raleigh who said, I just happened to speak to a nurse in an emergency room. She was a patient. The next thing I know, I got 10 to 20 PI cases a month coming into my office because to this nurse, you never know what's going to resonate. But the bottom line to everything, credentials, here's what I need to do with you. You're your trauma team member, correct?

Guest Doctor: Yeah. I've got the application in waiting to receive it.

Dr Studin: The next thing, Have you taken any primary spine care courses online with us? Anything? Anyone?

Guest Doctor: I don't think I've taken, I've taken the nine courses that are for the trauma team members.

Dr Studin: So, get a pencil and paper. I want you to take any primary spine care course that we have. It's 12 hours. And I also want you to take the interprofessional hospital program. It's like two hours. And with that you're going to apply for your hospital qualification. So now you're going to be trauma qualified and you're going to be hospital qualified. The reason I say that is because hospitals require a qualification or a hospital certification to get into hospitals. Now, will that work in your community? I don't know because some of them require it to be a Jayco, which is, a formal joint accreditation for hospitals and they might not like it, but easily when you're dealing with lawyers and you have that extra level of credential, it matters when you're dealing with surgeons, hospital qualified, I'm trauma qualified. Who are you qualified for? Well, my courses are recognized, both through the State University University of New York of Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and through Cleveland University, Kansas City Chiropractic, health sciences. So I have joint accreditation. we're up in your game. We're upping your language, you need two more courses and one more qualification, you should get primary spine care qualified, but we could wait for that. That's not urgent. With that being said,your CV is now going to be even more robust, once you enter all of these CV citations, you should be doing the weekly grammar, clinical grand rounds that come at it's every Thursday because what you're doing is you're getting a new CV citation every single week to put on your CV. You have all of these credentials. The first thing you're going to do is you're going to start building an email database and you're going to go to lawyers at least, 20 miles around you. And you're going to get all their email addresses and, I would even send it to MDs if you want, surgeons and primaries and you could put out there and you do with patients as well. You're going to send out your updated CV citation. Now you saw mine yesterday, I sent out. So you saw that and I send that out on a regular basis to my referral sources. Now,just like I'll send to you, you'll send to your referral sources, I guess you're going to let them know, is it going to get you any direct new patients? More likely not. Because getting referrals is not any one piece of the puzzle, It's about the totality of everything you do. So, but when you send this out, this is about reputation building. One of my dearest friends is an orthodontist. He retired from practice and he went into consultant. But with orthodontics he does reputation building, And he uses Google, Google plus and Google ad words and Google reviews and Yelp and all that stuff to build reputations of his orthodontists, he does it with testimonials from current cases. They sent, this goes to all these meetings, these wonderfully smart builds the reputation and it changes the perception of the community to run into his office. Now you need to change the perception of your referral community to understand that you are the best of the best goal is to make remember, your competition is irrelevant. That's your goal. It's a process. So by sending out your CV citations and you could do the 10 courses you've done already and feather them out to the two referral sources, maybe two or three every week on a consistent basis. But now when you get into the clinical grand rounds, you have to pick up a new CV citation every week, you have something to send out on a regular basis. Every lawyer gets it. I would send it to, coach reading, collaborative surgeons and pain management thoughts and primers. Anybody can get an email address, and your patients as well. So now you're starting to build your reputation and that's critical. That's part of the referral infrastructure your base is who you are and it's done based on your clinical excellence. Now there's something else. Academyofchiropractic.com. And it's called clinical excellence awards. And if you click on that, it's 10 pages of CV, 20 pages, 30 pages, and there are different people at different levels. You want to get on there, you should be close to 10 pages. And if not, then go take some courses other place. we put out the consultations, if you remember reading through them that I took courses through Harvard University through their medical school that they have free, CME stuff. And as long as it's through a formal academic institution or a licensure board, we don't care if it's good for your chiropractic license or not, but I must have two or three pages of CVs of CME credits. It's still valid to go on your CV. And I took Great stuff on spine and I learned a lot of stuff about spine even though it was from the medical perspective, you need to get on that clinical excellence awards because now what you could do is you could take your placement of being on that award level and you can send out a press release to your local newspapers. Dr Mark Studin was just awarded for the Academy of Chiropractic and prestigious academic research organization, is being awarded a bronze award for clinical excellence and is recognized nationally that CV can be found at www.uschirodirectory.com now you're using your clinical excellence. You should have copies of your CV on your counter for patients to take it, do you have your diplomas framed and put on your wall in your office?

Guest Doctor: I do.

Dr Studin: There's a company we've put out there to get even fancier diplomas. You should spend the extra few bucks and do that. So you should have very few pictures in your office, there is no one thing that's going to get you the referral. The other thing you need to do is how many patients a week approximately are you seeing right now?

Guest Doctor: Between 1,10 and 1, 30.

Dr Studin: What percentage is PI?

Guest Doctor: two to three patients, less than 1%.

Dr Studin: The other thing you need to do is to start from meeting with lawyers. So you should have breakfast meetings with lawyers. Now you remember we talked about the educational binders?

Guest doctor: Yes.

Dr Studin: we don't do those anymore. I went out and we created a book. Go to lulu.com and it just so happens I just sent that a notice yesterday for 15% discount the evidence based book, which is created for lawyers, the science of chiropractic volume one volume two which created for MDs because every MBA have a work with, where's the literature? Show me the literature. You should have at least three or four of each of those books in your library for meetings. So the point is that you should go out when you meet with the attorneys, bring a book to the meeting and take a topic and the topic can be aged herniated discs, serious injury and low speed accidents, any one of the topics that you've been taught that by going through the courses with me about that stuff already. So what you do is you get like the evidence-based book. Two topics in the front of book. Two chapters. Get the literature highlighted and you got to buy the research or get it through cause we can set it to the copyright law highlighted and sit down with them. I guess three or four lawyers in a meeting, but even if he gets two or three lawyers in the room with you, over breakfast in a nice place, and you'll sit down and you say, listen, I'd like to one hour CLE seminar, there's no credits, but I want to talk about most speed accidents and no injuries. I have literature to share with you that you could use and sit down and teach them. So it would be educational, what is in the literature associated with that. So this way you're now starting to bring lawyers, getting them to run after you and you might have to invite 40 more years to get two or three to show up. So I've just given you a boat load of work to do. You've got a bunch of infrastructure work to do. So why don't you take it that step and then when you get there, then give me a jingle and then we'll take it to the next step.

Guest Doctor: One quick question. if I was going to take one book with me. Did you say one was specific?

Dr Studin: if you're with lawyers, you're going to do the evidence Facebook if you're with MDs, it's the science of chiropractic volume one and two. 

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