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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"I am meeting with a lawyers in a few days, where do I start?""


Dr Studin: So what's going on?

Guest Doctor: well, I've been very busy with my practice and, with these new laws that went into effect, kind of redirected me into a new path which I’m pursuing with vigor and, I'm having some degree of success and I've got an attorney meeting for this Wednesday. It's a very promising law firm that I've worked with in the past, but I've never really met with these people, but they regard me very highly and I'd like to introduce myself to them with a curriculum Vitae that is somewhat impressive and I know I really can't make that myself and I've taken the courses over the years with your group and I'm very happy with them, but I didn't really apply myself to the fullest for various reasons and I haven't really made that curriculum Vitae and honestly, I can't even log into the website. I'm that far out of the loop.

Dr Studin: So here's the issue. You've been in the program for a while, for a few years, I believe but, and you've taken some courses, but you're really never followed the program were the steps. And for whatever reason you've decided it's time to really engage in personal injury and now you're meeting with the lawyer and your infrastructure's is not prepared. You fall into a vast 50% of the doctors that I talk to, they think they go along, they really don't engage. You read some of the emails that are sent across. You realize you need to take some courses. You take some courses, you don't really engage in all the consultations and do everything. But all of a sudden I have a meeting. What do I do? I’m not prepare. So because you've decided now it's time, the light bulb went off and you realized that that PI is the place to be. Because especially in your particular state, your renewal laws coming in shortly, you're going to get paid more than double for the same visit that you get paid. Now it's time to build that infrastructure. So then you've got a meeting on Wednesday. So number one, have you read the consultations? the six sections that I recommend build your infrastructure, see these narratives, have you read them or just maybe glance through them or not really?

Guest Doctor: I've been in with the program for not a couple of years, but many years and I did, but it was way back a long time ago and I don't remember them and things have change, but I did gain the knowledge and I'd been in personal injury for the longest time.

Dr Studin: But you haven't kept up with the new changes on there, that's the issue. But the interesting thing about this program is it changes almost daily, not hundred and 80 degree turns, but a grain of sand at a time, but as the weeks and months go on, it is 180 degrees turned that things have changed. Not a little but a lot. You really need to catch up on the fact that we're podcasting now, which is why I'm recording this. You know we're doing all the consultations. Everything is being podcasting. You can listen in your car to or from work or wherever you go, but the point is that here you have a meeting, do you have a pencil and paper because it's pencil and paper time.

Guest Doctor: I do.

Dr Studin: Okay, here are the steps you need to take. Not for Wednesday but from here forward and then when I'm done with that I'll tell you what you need to do between now and Wednesday, which is four days from then. Step number one is you need to go back and start at the beginning of the consult and go through from beginning to end. Even if it takes you four, six months to do that, you're not in a hurry cause you know the basics. Number two, do you have a preferred listing on US Chiropractic director?

Guest Doctor: No.

Dr Studin: You need to go to the US chiropractic directory and purchase. If it's a preferred listing, it's very inexpensive. But on there is this CV builder and it's a free fee these builder, but more importantly that it's going to house your CV. And right now doctors around the country is saying, I'm getting tons of referrals from there because other doctors of our program go look for doctors. Lawyers have been trained, especially in your region because I lecture the lawyers at your regional. So that's number two. So you've got to get on there and you've got to get that going. Now, you have to become trauma qualified, because that matters. That put back 12 pages of your CV together. Have you taken the PI bootcamp, yes or no?

Guest Doctor: Yes.

Dr Studin: Have you done the MRI spine course and spine interpretation?

Guest Doctor: I did, but I haven't passed the final.

Dr Studin: Did you only do the first? Years ago we only had one module six courses now with two modules and 12 courses. You remember which one you did?

Guest Doctor: I did them all.

Dr Studin: You could go online and you could actually do it automated, get through the pass and the tests. Did you do the spinal biomechanical engineering course?

Guest Doctor: I believe I did.

Dr Studin: and accident reconstruction?

Guest Doctor: I don't believe I did that, no.

Dr Studin: And that's probably all you took was the first three. So you've taken three basic course and you need to get those and you can't put anything on your CV until you passed the course and that's critical, do you have you put together your CV for other things you've done, organizations, others, CE stuff you need to a 12 to 24 credits in two years, So you've taken a lot of courses.

Guest Doctor: I've taken a lot of courses.

Dr Studin: Have you compiled on a CV all of those courses?

Guest Doctor: No I haven't, but I have them on paper on the side of my desk right here. So what you're going to do, you can't do this independently, not possible for Wednesday, but you need it done for Wednesday. After we hang up, I'm going to call you back and you're going to tell me the name of a lawyer and I'll see if I know those who I can grease the wheels of progress for you. But what you're going to do is you're going to hire Jessica. She works for me. Okay? Jess actually manages my CV. That's just plain and simple and you're going to send her all of your citations. You're going to go on to the U S Chiropractic directory. You're going to sign up for a preferred list. Then she's going to go on to your preferred list thing and she's going to enter all of your CV citations on the US chiropractic directory. She's going to build your CV. And then you're going to have someone do all of the grunt work, but you've got to give her all this stuff. Now, the other thing we're going to do is you're going to email Cara Ross, and you're going to tell Cara that you need to get an online transcript. You need to add your historical courses. She can please check what courses you take and she'll email you back. Also tell her that you are in the middle of take it The MRI court and Doctor Studin said To activate the MRI courts on the university. So you'll have to go you have to register. It is the student. It's free. And then when you ask Cara to activate you, she's going to activate your MRI course in the university, the online university. Ask her to send you another test for the MRI court and she'll send it to you, asks her to do it manually. Now, if you fail the test again, in the end, she'll score it. If you failed the test again, you're going to have to call me and I'll have to go through the test with you in order to get it done in time. If you really don't know how to interpret MRI and you failed so bad, I'm not going pass you. I'm going to make you take it over again. I’m not going to charge you, But I'm going to make you take it over again and you're not going to be able to get it on your CV for Wednesday. So it all depends how much you know, because this is real academics and etc. So I'll work with you to see if you know enough, but if you don't know enough, I don't let anyone pass this credential unless they're the real deal.

Guest Doctor: And what of the questions aren't worded properly?

Dr Studin: I've done this with over a thousand doctors, believe me, so the questions are worded the way they're worded for a purpose. The questions are asked, the way they're asked on purpose and everyone who's gone through the course and understands MRI are able to get test. Those who don't understand the subject matter. Never get past me. And I'm not the easiest person in the world to work with because I only care about you knowing and having knowledge and being the best of the best. We've got to go through them. So, you've got a lot to do between now and then. You've got our register on the U S Chiro Directory. You've got to get a preferred listing thing. Email me and tell me to send you Jessica's contact information. Now, in the meeting with the attorneys. You're going to have two binders. One is your CV and one is a couple of bimonthly flyers with literature in the back. And as you go into the educational library, you'll find a bunch of educational flyers. Now have you purchased any of the books, the low speed accident book? Um, the evidence based at

Guest Doctor: No, I haven't.

Dr Studin: That's another issue. You should always have at least two copies of each in your library. And the reason being is when you go to meet with these lawyers, what you want to tell them is, here's a book in this binder I photocopy three chapters. Here's the research behind, what your goal is you want to go in and educate those lawyers on a monthly basis. So this is my copy of the book. There's 101 chapters here. There's 90 chapters here, one's on low speed only and in serious bodily injury. The other was on herniated disc and seatbelt issues and arthritis issues. And here's literature. So what I do is I educate you and your staff. My goal is to come into your office once a month to educate you and your staff members so you don't lose on deceptive defense rhetoric. That's your goal. Your goal is not to get a referral from the seminar. And if that works, everyone will have a great meeting with the lawyer, would have huge PI practices and very few people do. Your goal in this meeting is to get them to invite you into their office on a monthly basis to educate them. Once you become the resource for them, their educator, and that you'll be the reason to win, then the flood gates will open. But you've got to be on the inside looking out, not the outside looking in. And you got to make nice with their staff and them on a repetitive basis to get them to know you. That's the process. And you don't need a thousand law firms to do this and just need a handful and your career end game is over. Now here's the other thing. In your particular state, I mean the laws are changing you and it's already been written in stone, but the laws aren't changing for over a year. There's going to be a lot of people gearing up because it's going be lucrative in the state for the first time ever. And I have to be going to be putting on seminars starting in about six months to create your competition. It's good for business for me, but you've got a six month head start on everybody. You are going to be the first one in your region to do this. So you've got a really to get trauma qualified and it's no different than any place else because your goal is to make your competition irrelevant. And the way to do that is through credentials and then a business strategy behind that. And one of the things you need to do that you don't is unique to communicate with me more frequently, but I am motivated, but the point is, is that based upon national trends and state trends and knowing what's going on politically, even in this state, which I'm still involved in the process to some degree. You have a distinct advantage that you need to take advantage and another conversation is going to be your exit strategy, but we'll have that at a different time so you know what you need to do.

Guest Doctor: You laid out the plan to meet pretty much.

Dr Studin: Okay, so we're done

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