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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"Trauma Credentials = BIG Referral"





“I listen, therefore I win” Mark Studin 2019


When I first created a level of Trauma Qualification and subsequently the Trauma Team, it was for Wall Street (the program is alive and well, although taking much more time than I anticipated to “roll out nationally”) to easily identify our doctors. Over the past year, as the list has grown, something wonderful has happened… Unexpected referrals on a national scale.


Here is what I learned from:


Our Members: Our doctors, especially those on the Trauma Team will exclusively refer to others on the list. They realize the training that is required and will not accept anything less for those they are referring and is typically friends and family.

Lawyers Nationally: Have reported to me they use that list exclusively to refer. As a result of the narrowing of the Voir Dire court standards, they are being forced to work with doctors whose credentials are bulletproof in the courtroom. That is also becoming the basis for settlement negotiations once they get past the claim’s rep (Colossus) and the case is assigned to a defense lawyer.

MD’s: Although I am going to save this for future consultations, these credentials and resultant knowledge has changed relationships everywhere. The doors this level of credential have opened has far exceeded all my expectations!



Lawyers: IF… you have held a lawyer’s seminar that I, or Dr. Owens has done for you, I should have the list of emails excel format of the lawyers that responded they wanted to come (whether they showed up or not). I am going to constantly send them a note about your level of qualification and why they should refer to you. Therefore, if you have done a lawyer’s seminar I am going to continually MARKET them for you by educating them about your credentials.


This was in the written request as part of the basic instructions when we did the course and I will NOT run after you to build your practice. That is on you and if you were a PUTZ and choose not to follow the directions, you can fix that by sending me the list now. NOTE: Please be prepared to be yelled at ??? because I am conspiring FOR YOU!


IF… you have not done a lawyer’s seminar, you must. This is the single, fastest way to get new PI cases. I will only present for Trauma Qualified doctors as that has made a huge difference over the last few years. Contact me ASAP to get on the calendar as my lecture schedule is quite full. Note: From here forward, to get on the calendar is a $1000 non-refundable deposit as there is lots of work on our side to set this up for you, inclusive of getting CLE credits approved for the lawyers.


This is also why we are extra vigilant in having this level of recognition in all of the qualifications we offer in conjunction with Cleveland University. They do so much for you and maintaining this level of acknowledgment requires a partnership with me ensuring that academia is perpetually happy with our level of oversight, and your participation inclusive of the testing portion. Also, to maintain the relationship with Cleveland, we continually update the requirements with a re-credentialing process every 3 years on our side. This exceeds the requirements for every program in our industry and allows us to STAY AHEAD of the competition thereby rendering them IRRELEVANT!


I urge you… follow my lead, grab EVERY qualification that you can and stay on the cutting edge. It will make you a leader in your community and in our profession. In the end, you will win at every level and referrals will keep coming from sources you NEVER EXPECTED!!





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