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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"I just finished the first 6 sections"


Dr. Studin: What's going on now?

Guest Doctor: So, I finished the first six parts and the information you sent me and you said to give you a call when I finish the six parts because you'll tune me if you can, and I have resumed the six parts.

Dr. Studin: I'm going to help you get from point A to point B quicker. So, the question is, you read all of the first sets that all 148 consults and then the quickie consults and then CV’s and narratives?

Guest Doctor: Yes, absolutely did.

Dr. Studin: Okay, great. And I apologize for not putting enough information on the site and giving your money's worth.

Guest Doctor: It was a lot. There is more than enough. I thought it would never end.

Dr. Studin: It ends, it does that. And the bad news is, we're now podcasting so you can sit in your car and listen to it instead of reading this. So, we're at that and I'm only, you know, it, it'll take me two or three months to get through them all, but we're getting there. Okay. So, how many years in practice?

Guest Doctor: Oh Gosh, 35.

Dr. Studin: Okay. And how many patients in a week are you seeing and what percentage is PI?

Guest Doctor: average 150 a week, percentage… probably 2%.


Dr. Studin: Okay. So how many new PI cases you getting every month? One, two, three. You have a typical family practice. Somebody gets in an accident, they come out…

Guest Doctor: I would say one.

Dr. Studin: Okay. So, you get 12 new PI cases a year. Okay. Lawyers in your state don't settle their cases on average for five years. Some shorter, but not longer. Okay. And that's the average in your state. So, you have 60 PI cases right now theoretically that are active on the lawyer side. But really, you've only got about 40 because you know 20 cases, they were dogs, they did meet the requirements, they were settled early. So, you've got 40, so let's just put that in the bank. Okay. Cause you're the lowest hanging fruit. And the easiest place to get new cases is from your current cases. And I'll explain that to you in a moment. But the next step that you need to do is you need to start building your credentials. And that's a must. Okay. So, you've got to get trauma qualified, especially in your state because I've lectured all up and down your state all over the place. I'm going to be back there in four weeks, five weeks.

I'm going to be back. I just met you there two or three weeks ago, I mean, there is not a PI lawyer in your state that doesn't really know me. And I've lectured for the trial lawyers association. And so you've got a higher standard. I'm going to also mention your state. You're in New Jersey and New Jersey is the bellwether state in the nation right now. So and it's the toughest. So you know, and you're starting to realize that and all those other little pieces of the puzzle you've picked up. So you've got to get trauma qualified.

Also which is the law that's a previous governor signed at the request of state farm, which was signed on January 3rd, 2013 mandates that a doctor, one may not testify unless the doctor is qualified or has post-doctoral education and credentials in that specific technology like MRI and other things. And that will also say that unless something is evidence base, you can't use it, or it won't be reimbursable.

So, the standards and the Litmus test in Jersey is much more difficult. So it's nonnegotiable. You've got to go on the trauma team now. And there are 10 courses right now and soon it's going to be 12 because we just added a couple of really cool courses like one is EMG MCV interpretation and the other was evaluation and management documentation. So, which is kind of critical. So, when you go to those two, Actually, Jeff, do you have a computer in front of you?

Guest Doctor: No, I don't.

Dr. Studin: Okay. When you do, go to the website of the consulting side, you'll see in the middle of the consulting site, there were four purple boxes. The third purple box says become a trauma team member.

And if you click on that, the course requirements are there. The cost of this, um, is $3,996.00 for the 10 courses. You have three choices. One, you can pay as you go, which is fine. Number two, you could be like the rest of us Jews on Long Island, and never pay retail for anything. So you prepay everything. Uh, take 20% off and you save 800 bucks, it’s real money.

Or You could say, Hey, you know what? Cash flow is a little tight right now. And, but you, you have to take the courses because like the chicken and the egg. Without the courses, you can't afford it. But if he can't afford it, how would you take the courses? So, you could pay $100 a month, no interest, take all the courses now and pay it off over 40 months. And you know, it's easy. Everybody can afford that.

So that's why we created that platform. You just have to tell me which one you want to do. But you must start on your credentials now. Have you started building your CV yet?

Guest Doctor: Yes, I do. The grand rounds.

Dr. Studin: Okay. Are you on the U S Chiropractic director?

Guest Doctor: not yet, no.

Dr. Studin: Okay. That's a must.

Guest Doctor: So, you actually go to us chiropractor, right?

Dr. Studin: You're a doctor chiropractor, for 35 years you've taken CE courses. So, there's a couple of issues that come into play right now. Number one, in order for you to make 10-year license, you've had to take CE courses through the years. So, you're to have to dig up those credentials. So you're going to have to do with the rest of us did in the beginning, got a boxes and your drawers and your closets and pull out all the old documentation to try to recreate those courses because you've been in practice for 35 years and you should have 35 years’ worth of CE credit courses because if you only post stuff now, and we're in 2019 and then you've been in the game since, uh, you know, you're freaking old. So, 1946 I would say.

Listen, I'm in practice 3 years more than you. That makes me even older. Seriously. When lawyers look at that, they're going, well, what the hell did this guy do before that? And that's going to come into play. So you're going to have to resurrect that to some degree. So you're going to have to talk to the AJC and anyone else you've taken courses through. Now you'll have to put it up on the US Chiro directory right now. And here's why. Do you know what the term SEO means? Search engine optimization.

Guest Doctor: Uh, somewhat.

Dr. Studin: okay, let me explain it briefly. When you go to Google and you go to look, something up, stuff is there, but in order for it to be there, whatever you want to do… buy a car? You want to go to a restaurant? Uh, you want to find, you know, a toenail surgeon, whatever it is, um, you've got to find it. So, someone creates a website like me and they put it in and on the World Wide Web, that's what WWW stands for.

Now, the search engines you have to find it. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all the other search engines, they have to look through all the billions of websites and find you and see you. That's called propagating. And it takes time for search engines to propagate. So when you go on the US chiropractic directory, it's going to take many, many weeks or even a few months for all the search engines to see you, so people can look you up. Now, according to the yellow book, which is where I learned this stuff because we spoke to the yellow book over a decade ago and we said, should we create…like what's better?

Individual websites are directories and they said websites actually are good, but only the said your existing customers for people aren't going to search your website's out. And the reason being the space is too crowded. People go to directories and that's where people look. You know, like when you use, um, uh, what's that? one table? The open table. When you want to book a restaurant, open table, it's a directory. You don't go to the actual website of the restaurant usually, you'll go to Yelp, you go to the directory and that's where you'll book through. So it's the same thing for doctors and that's how people are finding doctors. So you need to get a preferred listing on the U S Chiropractic directory. Um, it's like 40 bucks a month, which is really, really cool. And you go on there and you create a listing and you build your CV on there.

There is a CV builder. In other words, it's a fill in the blanks. It's a CV builders for dummies. Where did you go to school, what year did you graduate, what was your degree? And then it automatically formats it for you. Again, in your region. That's extremely competitive. Lawyers have already been trained in your area and if you're in an area where it's not trained, it's just as easy. You trained the lawyers, got to my CV and you can pull, go to my listing and you can find my CV. You know, you put your office hours, it's like having your own website. Uh, and we got a directory listing, which is really cool. You must do that because It's going to take the search engines weeks or if not months to propagate.

And now as you take courses, you add them each time. Now the power of search engine optimization is when you add an article and they have to look for a new article.

It makes you more relevant and you move up to search engines. So every time you take a course, it's a new article and you're ramping up. So you'll be putting that on periodically. Now you're in a populated area, you're not like in the middle of the cornfields in Iowa. So if someone tries to find you in the search engine, that's a little more crowded, that space. So it’s just, it's more competitive but you've got to be in the game. But lawyers right now have been trained to go to the U S Chiropractic directory. They've been trained in your region to look for a doctor's credentials and that's your competition. You are in a highly competitive area. There's got to be 20 doctors in your region. What great credentials, not next door, but lawyers will bypass you for someone's five towns away if they could get them in court because the standard in New Jersey is much more difficult than anyone else. Got It?.

Guest Doctor: Got It.

Dr. Studin: Now, so number one is you need to create your directory listings, the newest car director and start building your CV. Number two, you need to take courses. You can go and find which courses there are on the site. If you want any of the discount programs, the 20% off or $100 a month, shoot me an email and I will send you back the form to do that because the banks require forms. I just can't really willy, you know, charge people. Um, so that's required. That's your next step. Now when you're halfway done with the courses, when you take the first five courses, They're the longest ones. Okay. The last five courses you're short, you're going to get through quicker. So what you're going to do is you're going to then start calling the patients, those 60 patients that are really 40.

And you're going to start calling those patients, getting them back in and doing a re-evaluation and you're not on the podcasts now, are you?

Guest Doctor: I am.

Dr. Studin: good. I just posted this morning. How do I handle patients who I took care of prior to joining this program? Okay. Make sure you listen to that one. I just sent that by email this morning cause that's applicable to you. So then we're going to do is you're going to call those attorneys, but not yet. Okay. Not just yet. Now, um, are you close to saddle brook or Springfield?

Guest Doctor: I can get to either or pretty quickly. Yeah.

Dr. Studin: How many miles are you roughly from either?

Guest Doctor: I could get to Springfield from my home in 20 minutes.

Dr. Studin: Office?

Guest Doctor: I could get from my office to Saddlebrook in like 40 minutes.

Dr. Studin: Okay. Um, I am lecturing in Saddlebrook on June 6th or June 8th. I don't remember. Six of the eight. There'll be 120 attorneys there. You have to call John Centennial, but you can't be in the room unless you are trauma qualified. And that's going to be a tall order between now and then. But if you've talked to me before then I'll be more than happy to have you come and just to sit as a guest and I'll tell him to grant you a permit. It's not my seminar, I'm just the invited speaker. I want you to see what's going on so you can be involved in the next one.

Guest Doctor: All right. Very good.

Dr. Studin: Yeah. I don't think of the next couple of weeks you're going to be, you're not going to be able to get through this in six weeks. all those courses. It's too much. But the next ones, the next one is Saddlebrook will be in December and the next one in Springfield will be probably sometime in the winter of next year. And then on each of them we have at least a hundred attorneys. Okay. So you got your game plan, you know what you need to do.

Guest Doctor: Yes, I do. I appreciate the help. Thank you. 

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