Please send me your:

NOTE: All documentation MUST be on the same patient

1.     All the COMPLETED intake forms are given to the new patient before care, including, but not limited to:

a.     Informed consent

b.    HIPAA

c.     Assignments

d.    Accident and/or personal histories

2.     Last new personal injury patient E&M (99202-99203-99204-99205) report (if you havent had a personal injury case in the last 30 days, then send any patient)

a.     Inclusive of the history, examination, recommendations, diagnosis, etc.

3.     First SOAP (treatment) note of the above new patient

4.     Office Policy you give your staff

5.     Curriculum Vita (CV)

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE PROGRAM… DO NOT SKIP THIS.This will take 1 full hour with you in front of a computer ALONE and you do not need any paperwork, I will already have it. 

Please scan and email the documents to me in the above order AS 1 FILE all in the same direction. How you follow these directions will tell me if you are “lawyer friendly” as lawyers will judge how well you follow directions and the first lesson I can give you is that lawyers will NOT work with you if you can’t pay attention to instructions because they feel you will underachieve on the witness stand (even if they know you will never get there).

If you are still “old school” you can fax them to 661-843-1062. Make sure your name is on it so I know it’s yours. DO NOT SEND INDIVIDUAL FILES…ONLY ONE CONTINUOUS FILE. This is a critical step as I must ensure your compliance before moving forward. After you have sent the file, CALL or E-MAIL me to make a 1-hour appointment to do the compliance review. IF… your files are not sent in the correct format, I will NOT do the review with you as it will not accomplish what you need. These are preferably done early in the morning.