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“Double Your Practice”

We often look in the wrong places


Recently, we had our Primary Spine Care Conference on Clinical Excellence in New York and I spoke to numerous doctors from every corner of the nation who traveled to learn and take a major step in being the “best of the best” clinically. The weekend format gave me a unique opportunity to share meals with many doctors and dig deep into the infrastructure of many practices. What I learned was that most of the doctors present followed the systems and protocols of the Doctor's PI Program and have been very, very successful in dealing with lawyers and medical specialists in getting referrals. I also learned that many doctors are still struggling in spite of getting 5-6 additional new PI patients per week.


Many doctors are getting the new patients, making the relationships and are on the inside vs. outside of the lawyers’ offices, but once the doctors have the lawyers, they don’t know what to do with them. Many chiropractors are still practicing a pure medical “pain model” to the point where they are releasing patients from care soon after their pain has subsided. Others are still not giving reports of findings and are booking one visit at a time. As a result of my revelation, I altered my agenda for the program and gave a 20 minute presentation on reports of findings, triaging the patient and patient care, and using a chiropractic model based on subluxation care and not pain care.


I explained that I offered my patients 3 choices: pain care, corrective care or wellness care. I walked the audience through how to communicate these options with their patients in a scenario where 1/3 of all patients will accept each category, giving the doctor a healthy practice mix and doubling his/her PVA. If you want to double the amount of patients, you have 2 choices; either see more new patients or double the number of visits each patient makes under your care in order to receive necessary treatment. The latter is far easier than always having to get more new patients.


After my report of findings segment of the weekend, a group of us went out to dinner. During that time, one doctor had a very interesting comment. He stated, and I paraphrase, “I find it very unusual that a previously very straight chiropractor, who at some point in time drank the cool-aid from Life College on principled chiropractic, is so versed in technology, diagnostic issues and alternative care beyond adjusting.” I sat and pondered his comment and he is right. Perhaps I am an aberration (weird).


Here are my thoughts. Every technique works. You have to find the best technique that works for you. Does one work better for you than it does for others? Sure. Go find it and become the best in your technique! The truth is, chiropractic is so wonderful and powerful that even the worst adjuster in the profession helps more people with subluxation correction than the best neurosurgeon in the world.


I also find it interesting that many in the profession think that because you believe in correcting the subluxation so the body can heal itself from “above down, inside out,” that you have to turn a blind eye to being an incredible diagnostician and exploring other areas of healing! The opposite is actually closer to what is needed in practice. We cannot turn a blind eye on correcting subluxations, educating our patients about the power of correcting subluxations and offering reconstruction and wellness care while striving to be expert diagnosticians in MRI, neurodiagnostics, etc. We must also explore other avenues of healing.


You need to teach your patients the power of the adjustment and it CANNOT be at the expense of exploring other areas. If you are focused on treating only pain, give them aspirin. It will work better and quicker. If you are intent on making a lasting correction that will prevent your patients’ spines from degenerating over their lifetimes while allowing their brains to communicate to their cells, tissues and organs so the body can heal itself, adjust your patients and teach them why they need to be under your care for a lifetime or at least long enough to make permanent corrections through reconstructing their spines back to normal.


This is so easy for everyone because we were all taught the same thing in professional school. Chiropractic college didn’t let you down if you lost your path. In fact, it is you who let your education down by ignoring what those before you were jailed for so that you had the right to practice chiropractic as you choose.


If you release a patient after his/her pain is gone without giving him/her the opportunity to have corrective or lifetime care, then you should consider going into another profession because that is not chiropractic. I am sure I have offended some with that statement and I can live with that because I have seen too many miracles as a result of the chiropractic adjustment and you have those miracles stored up in your hands. Become the best diagnostician you can, learn how to interpret x-ray from a structural perspective, as well as pathology. Learn how to interpret spinal MRI’s, EMG/NCV results and understand crash dynamics. Get credentialed on paper and be the “real deal.”


When working with lawyers, unless you are the “real deal,” they will not work with you. When working with patients, teach chiropractic or they will not work with you. They will fire you and hire the bottle of pills that usually does a better job than you when you attempt to practice in the medical model. Read about the report of finds again and learn the specifics about rendering an effective report of findings. I have given you a step-by-step cookbook formula of “how to.”


My mentor, who treated upwards of 300 patients per day, was unwavering in his system of a written report of findings. On the second visit, a patient sat through a written report of findings and it was a non-negotiable event. This, along with his unwavering understanding (not belief) that the body healed itself and his job was to remove the interference at the spinal level so the body could do its job, was the key to his success and the reason his patients got well. Teach chiropractic, adjust your patients, experience the miracles and you will succeed beyond your expectations.