IME, Peer Review and Carrier Rebuttals

Many doctors around the country are no longer getting IME and peer review denials, carrier denials or carrier audits. In fact, many of the doctors who have fought back rarely have their patients get IME requests because the doctor has taken a stand against a system that was initially designed to "level the playing field" but has ended up in a "lopsided romp" for the carriers fraught with improprieties and outright lies. Doctors are taking a stand and fighting back using the laws of their state and prevailing in the battle ending up with fair and equitable reimbursements for necessary services. Should you have documented properly, you too can and should prevail based upon the facts of the case, not rhetoric or lies and now you have a dedicated expert supporting you in the process. 

Referring lawyers and future potential referring lawyers READ the IME's and Peer Reviews and contributes (destroys) your reputation. 

Get paid and do not have your reputation destroyed with referring lawyers.


Single Typical Rebuttal

Block of 10 Rebuttals

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                             *Submission Instructions are found in the "Download Checklist" below


DISCLAIMER: Although we do everything in our control to return a completed report timely, some cases are either more complicated or simply lacking the required documentation. We can only work as quickly as we have completed files to create report. We can not promise a time frame of your report.

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