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 From the Desk of:

 Mark Studin DC, FASBE (C), DAAPM, DAAMLP 

“The Studin Bullcrap Top 10”

The Reasons I Hear Daily for Failure in Practice


  1. I can’t get my staff to do what I need them to do. I am forever fighting with them to get paperwork to lawyers and the billing sent out.


It is amazing how many of you really do work for your staff. Perhaps you should give them the checkbook and have them pay you. The solution…Put on your pants and take control of your office...or fire them and get staff that is on your side and not covertly hostile against you. You would be surprised…I was.


  1. I have no time to do anything else; I am too busy.


Let’s see, you are treating 70-120 patients weekly. Let me be perfectly obnoxious. That was a good morning or so for me when I practiced. Now what do you do after lunch? Get the picture? Your time management skills are horrible and you need to get better at them. Many of your daily tasks can and should be automated. This is one where you need to call me and we need to discuss how you are wasting valuable time that can be put into increasing your volume.


  1. I am a healer and I do not need to do many of the mundane tasks others have to do to succeed.


This is the line given to me by too many doctors who are writing big checks to insurance companies when retrospectively audited. The rules don’t care if you are the “next coming.” You still have to document and diagnose as your license dictates. Healers beware; you have to play by the same rules.


  1. My travel cards are perfect. They are customized and coded in shorthand for me.


Travel cards are the “kiss of death” in chiropractic. They are the #1 reason to be audited, as you are considered the easiest target according to the lawyers representing the insurance companies. SOAP notes that are fully completed are the best way to bullet proof your practice against writing really big checks.


  1. The people in my region are stupid, ignorant and uneducated, which is the reason they will not follow my treatment plan.


I submit that you are stupid, ignorant and uneducated, not the people. (I try hard not to insult anyone…It doesn’t always work.) Read the consultations on report of findings and listen to the audio consultation on report of findings. If your PVA is below 20, call me and I will help you break that barrier, as you don’t see how easy it really is. When in practice, my PVA was 113 because my mentor taught me that education was the most critical part of success in chiropractic and I did exactly as he taught me without ever questioning his directions. I am not that smart and I only care about the results. He saw 300 patients per day and I wanted what he had. By the way, I failed in his eyes, as I only treated 165 per day. Ask him.


  1. You are the “King of Bullcrap.”


Lawyers and medical specialists know when you do not know what you are talking about. They will be polite, eat your food, drink your alcohol and say nice things…and never refer to you. You need to be the real deal, so start learning. I know because I was the king of kings! You must take courses in spine pathology, disc pathology, neurodiagnostics, electrodiagnostics, triaging the injured, crash dynamics and MRI spine interpretation. They are all online if you need them.


  1. I don’t need to read all of the consultations. After reading 40 of them, I get the gist.


It amazes me that you have the blueprint for unlimited success and many of you haven’t taken the time to read something that will make you rich beyond expectation. If I told you that tomorrow’s lottery numbers were embedded in the consultations, you would run out to Starbucks and load up on caffeine to pull an “all nighter!” Guess what? There is enough information in the consultations for you to earn more money than the amount in the jackpot in most state lotteries. There are rules of success and rules of failure; reading the blueprint for success in practice shows you the way. If you haven’t read all of the consultations, start reading or I will smack you in the back of the head!!!!


  1. My evaluation and management report and narrative is great, as I got it from another consultant, friend or other lawyer and I don’t need it critiqued by Mark.


Another winning statement…NOT. My narrative template is the best in the nation because it wasn’t created by me. It was crafted by 250,000 of the brightest PI lawyers in the nation. Every lawyer I have worked with in the past few years has certified it as one they want for all of their clients. I will get yours in that format so you can overwhelm the lawyers in your neighborhood. Go through the process. It is a learning experience and fun. Not one narrative given to me by any client or any other consultant in the nation comes close to meeting the required standard of admissibility of the courts. The cost is ZERO. What’s the problem?


  1. Some lawyers love working with me and occasionally I get asked for my CV, so it must be good.


You silly person! If every lawyer you work with is not asking for your CV, then they are sending your patients to another doctor, as they need credentials to prevail in most of their cases in settlement or trial. The key to success is that you have to be the person on paper you are. Credentials matter more than you can imagine and your CV is a document that you need to work on constantly to upgrade your image. Every time you add to your CV, you should send a copy to every lawyer you work with. Make the credentials real and the lawyers will take notice. This is a huge practice building step without ever asking for a patient.


  1. Everyone in my community is corrupt, the lawyers and doctors, and I am an honest person. As a result, I can’t be successful.


I have never heard a bigger crock of crap in my life. Do you think that every lawyer and doctor in your community wants to go to jail over a few bucks? The answer is no. I am sure there are few bad apples, but the majority do it with integrity and you are on the outside because you haven’t made the commitment to be on the inside. If you want to know who the problem is, find the closest mirror and look carefully.


If you are saying, “Why can’t I figure it out?” or "I am stuck in a rut," or "I just don’t get it," the answer is simple…Call me and we will come up with a solution for you.