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“Lawyers Round Table, 

The Power Referral”


An Audio Presentation



Based on national feedback, the “Lawyers Round table” is shaping up to be a mechanism utilizing clinical excellence to get lawyers to quickly gain confidence in you and solidify your reputation for the lifetime of your relationship. This is THE prime reason for referrals; you are the best at what you do and the round able is the forum to let lawyers know that. Think about it. You can have one-on-one meetings or 1-on-10 meetings. What builds a practice quicker? Duhhhhhh!!!


As a side note, many think that lawyers would prefer to have exclusive relationships because they want your referrals. That is a falsehood. Lawyers only want to win their cases and all of them talk to determine who the best medical provider is to accomplish that goal.  They only want to win!


As a result of the success of the round table meetings, I want to create a compelling reason for the lawyers to keep coming back to you to further solidify your reputation as being the best at what you do and further solidify your relationship with the medical-legal community.  To that end, I recommend a series of 3 round tables with the following topics:


  1. MRI & Disc Injuries from Trauma
  2. Herniation
  3. Bulges
  4. Extrusion
  5. Protrusion
  6. Sequestration
  7. Pre-Existing Arthritis Indicates Greater Bodily Injury with Less Force
  8. The research
  9. Bodily Injury & Car Accidents; An Overview
  10. Disc Herniations and MRI
  11. EMG and Radiculopathy
  12. Pre-Existing Arthritic Degeneration
  13. Low Speed Accident & Serious Injury


Many of you have requested more support on creating the Lawyers Round tables, so I have recorded a tutorial explaining the mechanism, materials, venue and content needed for a successful program. This is posted on the Web site in the audio section. You will need your username and password to access the audio, as it is a members only program.


In addition, I am also creating 3 PowerPoint programs for each of the above topics that you can acquire. All you need to do is have a computer and a cheap pair of computer speakers to play the audio at the round table meetings. Each program will be 35-40 minutes in length allowing time for questions and answers to and from you. You still need to be the expert to gain the trust of the lawyers in the room so they will want to run after you with referrals. There is no short-cut for being the best-of-the-best.


I urge each of you to take the PI Bootcamp, MRI Spine Interpretation and the Spinal Biomechanical Engineering courses as a minimum. However, that is the minimum, to do this right, become Trauma Qualified and you can fond those courses in the last box near the top of the home page  Over time, with the feedback from the doctors who have taken the courses and the feedback from the lawyers who have interfaced with those doctors, the results have been dramatic and immediate in both helping patients and getting the referrals for the right reasons without ever asking for them.


I would like to include a testimonial sent to me the other day. He hit the “nail on the head.”


Hey Dr. Mark,

I’ve just finished both the PI Bootcamp and MRI Spine Interpretation Courses and just wanted to thank you for the time you put into both courses.  The information presented in these courses is not found anywhere else and I definitely would recommend them to anyone looking to be the best of the best in their area.  Since I’ve taken them (in the last 2 weeks) this is what has taken place at my office:

  • Dumped one MRI facility for not following my script and taking the appropriate slice thickness—followed by a phone call from the owner of the facility apologizing and telling me he would do what I asked in the future.
  • Had several informative phone conversations with one of the top neuroradiologists in my area who has invited me to his facility on a regular basis to go over films.
  • Gave preliminary findings to my newest PI patient’s attorney who then sent me a new patient 2 days later.
  • Ordered an MRI with appropriate slice thickness on a PI patient (whose MD reported no significant findings) which revealed 2 small disc herniations (causing local discogenic pain) and the insurance provider is now extending her treatment plan instead of cutting her off.

Thanks again.