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“Blueprint for Success”

The Outline


Over the last few years, speaking to doctors from Guam to Alaska to Kansas to Texas to Minneapolis to Florida to New York, I have learned much more than I have taught. I have also confirmed what doesn’t work, what does work and why some of you are over the top successful and others will forever struggle. Understand one thing; it has nothing to do with your area, the lawyers in your community, the Russian Mafia, or the corruption that only exists in your town. I have heard it all. It has to do with you.


I am going to give you an outline that will serve as a blueprint for success and all you need to do is execute the steps. The really smart people will screw this up, as they will think that they have a better formula. I am not that smart, so I really can’t relate. All I know is that my mentor gave me a blueprint for success and I never deviated, going to 100 patients per week in 4 weeks, 350 patients per week in a year and 650 patients per week in 3 years. Not only was I too stupid to reinvent the wheel, I didn’t have time. I hope you are that stupid as well. In the outline, I am taking the liberty of explaining many of the steps and I am also going to record an audio to help drive home the point.











NOTE: Next to each step will be a percentage letting you know the importance of each section. They add up to 100% so you can grade yourself and see how far along you are in the process.

1. 20% Read the consultations, all of them, which includes the quickie consults.

  a. If you haven't finished reading them, do not make any changes in your practice, as you will not understand the overall picture and you will be overwhelmed.

2. Read the consultations for a second time, this time making changes in your practice, one at a time, following the plan.

   a. Do not skip over the patient education portion, as that will double your practice by increasing your PVA.

3. 12% E-Mail me a copy of the final narrative that you give to lawyers, to critique. I will review every word of the document and send it back with notes to correct. This is a template, so you may make up findings to use as the perfect template for your future reports. A template is for sale on the Web site for $225, but not necessary if you have the time to work with me. It usually takes 4-5 rewrites with me to be perfect and I am a picky bitch, as it has to be perfect AND…grammar counts!

    a. Create a narrative binder, laminating the pages or putting them in plastic sleeves.

4. 13% Send me your curriculum vitae via e-mail. I will work with you to get it into admissible format. Once that is completed, I will work with you regarding content. Curricula vitae (CV’s) need to have the following 7 topics covered for you to be a good candidate for the lawyers to refer to:

    a. Interpreting MRI’s

   b. Spine Pathology

   c. Disc Pathology

   d. Neuropathology

   e. Electrodiagnostics (working knowledge)

   f. Crash Dynamics

   g. Triaging the Injured

5. 5% Office Infrastructure: You must create system of communicating with the lawyers to automatically deliver the patients' results at the 6-8 week period so the lawyers do not have to run after you.

6. 2% You also must create a system to initially communicate with the lawyer over the phone the day after the initial evaluation. There should be no guessing on the lawyer's part as to what a client needs to do.

7. 2.5% Create your educational binders with your CV in the front and 1 full research article included.

8. 5% Have your staff pull the chart of every personal injury case you've seen over the last 5 years; these cases are still active in the lawyers' offices. Call the lawyers to make sure the cases are still open and if so, get those patients in for final evaluations prior to final narratives if there has been more than 6 weeks since care.

a. Re-evaluate these patients first and don’t charge them if there is no coverage; consider it a marketing expense and create narratives. Call the lawyers and inform them that you have significant new information regarding the conditions of their clients and request meetings. 99% will instantly grant you a meeting. When meeting with them, go through the process outlined in the consultations.

9. 3% If you have no established patients, call lawyers and inform them you are part of national medical-legal organization and have current research to help them prevail in their cases. Request a brief meeting with each of them.

10. 7.5% Your goal for every meeting is not to beg and plead for patients like every other schmuck in the profession. It is to get invited in on a monthly basis to teach the lawyers and their staffs the 2 new educational fliers.

a. Note: Should your office not have any existing personal injury patients, “cold-calling” is a great start; call Alli and she will help you get started.

11. 30% Be the real deal. You have to be the best-of-the-best and your knowledge base is reflected by your CV.

   a. PI Bootcamp: This course was developed to give you the basic credentials for each of the required 7 areas. This is where you start building your credentials and with or without the CE credits, the lawyers will appreciate them. This course teaches you the language of the lawyers and admissibility as well as the basics of evaluations, MRI’s, electrodiagnostics, PI marketing and getting paid in PI.

    b. MRI Spine Interpretation Course: This course is the “real-deal” and perhaps the best online course of its kind in the world for any profession. This program will give you an in-depth understanding on how to interpret MRI’s and is co-credentialed by the State University of New York at Buffalo Medical School. These credentials should be accepted by every court in the country as expert.

   c. Impairment Rating 6th Edition: This course gives you the knowledge and credentials for the 6th edition impairment ratings. If your state requires impairment ratings, this course is a must and if your state doesn’t, you should know how to rate the patient and give the lawyer the choice. This will set you apart from the competition by offering the choice.

   d. Head Trauma, Brain Injury & Concussion: This is the “Holy Grail” of cases for lawyers. A week does not go by that a lawyer doesn’t ask me a question on head injuries. This knowledge base will solidify your relationship with the lawyers as their go-to doctor, as you will understand trauma and injury where it counts the most. You will be a resource to help them get the biggest settlement or award. In addition, almost all head trauma cases have spinal-related injuries in conjunction with them. Therefore, you need to know.

   e. Accident Reconstruction: This course is 75% complete and will be the first in the profession. This is a critical area for lawyers to understand causality issues and will give you a unique edge over the rest of...everyone.

   f. Spinal Biomechanical Engineering: This course will allow you to understand causality and biomechiancal failuire. It will also open the door for many lawyers to consdier working with you when they face a biomechanist.  

There is so much more, as I have already shared with you, but if you have taken these basic steps, you are on your way!