When Meeting With Lawyers

Medical-Legal Scorecard

Testifying Fees

How to Build Your Educational Binder (circa 9/201010)

Preparing for the First Meeting with a Lawyer


E-Mail Follow Up


Educating the Courts


Preventing Denials and Destroyed Relationships


Lawyer Meeting Cover Page


 Explaining Digitizing and Impairments to Lawyers


Medical-Legal Press Release


Adding IME Rebuttals to your Binder


Colossus to the Courtroom "Magic Language"


Digitizing: The Hook with Lawyers


Low Speed Crashes and Serious Bodily Injuries: the Proof


“Herniated Discs from Trauma: The Research”


The Most Important Line to GET the Lawyer to Listen to the Magic Language


Demonstrative Proof for Serious Bodily Injury in the Absence of a Positive MRI


Treatment: The Referral Destroyers


 Coordination of Documentation


Magic Language: Medical Specialists


Get Lawyers, Medical Specialists and Medical Primary Care Providers to Refer Instantly 


 What if the Lawyer Doesn't Get It?


 MD Specialists Meetings: What to Bring and What to Say


Lawyer's Need Circa 2015


The Practice of Law Business Model… Is Upside Down


The Lawyers REAL Needs


Conservation of Momentum: Where Does the Energy Go, Part 1


Alteration of Motion Segment Integrity


The Narrative Deliver Process: How to Create the Package and What to Include

The following modules are "Quickies." These have been previously e-mailed in their entirety and are here for your review. Although the messages are shorter in length, they are no less important.


Quickie 1 L


Quickie 2 L

First Visit Phone Calls to the Lawyer

Quickie 3 L

Lawyer's Meeting Follow-Up Letter

Quickie 4 L

Feel the Power of the Group

Quickie 5 L

The 1-2 Punch Just Became the 1-2-3-4 Punch

Quickie 6 L


Communication Reminder

Quickie 7 L


The First Phone Call to the Lawyer

Quickie 8 L


Settlement Amounts

Quickie 9 L


Don't Be Duped

Quickie 10 L

What to do with NO FINDINGS

Quickie 11 L


MRI Clinical Protocols & Case Study

Quickie 12 L


Free Medical Research for Your Practice and to Share with Lawyers

Quickie 13 L


F.E.A.R. and Visiting a Lawyer

Quickie 14 L


OMG…There are no FINDINGS…What do I tell the lawyer?

Quickie 15 L

Talking Points that Motivate Lawyers

Quickie 16 L


Breaking into the Lawyer's World

Quickie 17 L


Delaware Lawyers Say, "We Can Talk to You?"

Quickie 18 L


Reputation...Yours Will Determine Your Referrals

Quickie 19 L


First Impressions

Quickie 20 L

You Are Not Everyone's Bitch

Quickie 21 L

I Spoke to 110 Lawyers Last Night and They Said...

Quickie 22 L

The Power of Your Knowledge of the Courts and Solidifying Plaintiff Lawyer Relationships

Quickie 23 L


It's Always About the Money

Quickie 24 L


Triaging Your Communication with Lawyers

Quickie 25 L

Typed vs. Non-Typed Reports: Who Gets What

Quickie 26 L

Getting the Lawyer's Attention to Start the Referral Process

Quickie 27 L

Lawyers Do Not Want to Hear What I Have to Say...What Do I Do?

Quickie 28 L

Communication with a Lawyer Who Wants to Cut Your Fee on a Settlement

Quickie 29 L


IMEs and Body Language

Quickie 30 L

The DC as the Primary Care Provide

Quickie 31 L

Getting Your Credentials in the Laywers's Face: A Prime Motivator

Quickie 32 L

The Reported Success of the Lawyer Meeting



Quickie 33 L

What Lawyers WANT and Now Understand They NEED: 
What Lawyers WANT and Now Understand They NEED:Circa: September, 2012

Quickie 34 L

What Lawyers Really NEED

Quickie 35 L

The Most Important Component of the Lawyers Meeting... YOU

Quickie 36 L

The New MINIMUM Standard for Success

Quickie 37 L

Lawyers Can vs. Want

Quickie 38 L

An Honest NO if Often the Best Relationship Builder

Quickie 39 L

This Isn't Easy

Quickie 40 L

Overcoming Scumbag Plaintiff Lawyers

Quickie 41 L

Impairment Confusion

Quickie 42 L

5 MPH Demonstrative Video

 Quickie 43 L

I Will Call & Build Your Practice for You

Quickie 44 L

Clinical Excellence… The Reason for This Doctor’s Referrals

Quickie 45 L

Does Colossus Exist

Quickie 46 L

Colossus… NOW… A No-No

Quickie 47 L

Magic Language

 Quickie 48 L

The Same Old… You Get What you Ask for… Grow a Pair

Quickie 49 L

Impairment Rating Confusion

Quickie 50 L 

Sending Records to 3rd Party

Quickie 51 L


 Quickie 52 L

Bi-Monthly Fliers vs. Evidenced Based Book

Quickie 53 L 

Conservation of Momentum: Where Does the Energy Go, Part 1

Quickie 54 L 

The Practice of Law Business Model is Upside Down

Quickie 55 L

IME/DME Mandate 

Quickie 56 L

Sound Bite: Low Speed = Significant Bodily Injury



Quickie 57 L

We treated based upon policy limits

Quickie 58 L

 “Doctor… Why didn’t you send the patient to their primary care MD first?”


Quickie 59 L

 A New Income Stream