Shut Up and Build a Huge Practice

The Report of Findings Part 1

The Report of Findings Part 2

The Report of Findings Part 3

Win With Your Staff

Doubling Your Practice

Patient Appreciation Month

Holiday Gifts for Lawyers



Holiday Bonuses for Staff


Going the Extra Mile = Referrals


HIPAA Notice of Privacy


New Medicare Requirements


Getting Hospital Privileges and Creating a Chiropractic Department


Money Making Partnerships that Can Cost You More Than You Can Make


The Boss' Role with Successful Staff


Billing Verification is Critical


Reducing Initial Examination Time


 P-IME / 2nd Opinion & Getting Paid


  Gathering Outside Records



"Studin Top 10" collection Tips - Circa 2015


Getting Paid & Prevent Retrospective Audits - The Billing Self-Audi


Assignment of Benefits and Rights


Review of Systems


Get Paid and Avoid Law Suits & Audits


Liens on Patients with no Lawyer: UCC's


Verification of Reviewed Documents 


Get Paid - Utilizing Insurance Laws


Removal from Work and Disability


Documentation Insurance


Past & Current Pertinent Records


Getting Paid from an Abusive and Inflammatory Lawyer


The New 2017-2018 Documentation Mandate


Get Paid on Liens: Rule 1.15


Settlement Letter


The following modules are "Quickies." These have been previously e-mailed in their entirety and are here for your review. Although the messages are shorter in length, they are no less important.


Quickie 1 OS

A doctor writes on very common practice issues…

Quickie 2 OS

Diability Liability

Quickie 3 OS  

The Latest Threat to Your Practice, The Office of Inspector General (OIG) & Your Documentation

Quickie 4 OS

Managed Care Agreements

Quickie 5 OS

Incident To

Quickie 6 OS

The Simple Stuff That Devastates Your Practice

Quickie 7 OS

1 Month Appointments

Quickie 8 OS

A Script vs. a Prescription

Quickie 9 OS

Post Holiday Call to Action

Quickie 10 OS

Medicare Changes

Quickie 11 OS

Multiple Appointments

Quickie 12 OS

Does it Seem that Insurance Payments Have Gone DOWN?

Quickie 13 OS

Clinical Protocols & Case Study

Quickie 14 OS

New Documentation Standards

Quickie 15 OS

Federally Required Fraud and Abuse Training

Quickie 16 OS

 Supervision Requirements

Quickie 17 OS

Financial Suicide

Quickie 18 OS


Work Restriction/Off Work Status - Patient Affidavit

Quickie 19 OS

Know the Rules OR Struggle Financially

Quickie 20 OS

A Positive Ending to a 5 Year Battle with a Former Staff Member

Quickie 2 1OS

PI 101...Building It From Scratch

Quickie 22 OS

PI 101...Building It From Scratch, Part 2

Quickie 23 OS

PI 101...Building It From Scratch, Part 3

Quickie 24 OS

PI 101...Building It From Scratch, Part 4

Quickie 25 OS

Creating MD Relationships Through Triaging Trauma Cases

Quickie 26 OS

Physical Therapy Evaluations

Quickie 27 OS

Documenting Patient Education

Quickie 28 OS

Learning Insurance Rules

Quickie 29 OS

The Slippery Slope of Variable Documentation Standards

Quickie 30 OS

Report of Findings...The Same Story to All of the Smart People

Quickie 31 OS

Verification Requests and Timely Answers

Quickie 32 OS

Reduction of Your Fees Request by the Lawyer: Response Template

Quickie 33 OS 

Play at the Level of the BIG BOYS

Quickie 34 OS 

Insurance Assignment of Benefits

Quickie 35 OS 

Independent Contractors and the Government 

Quickie 36 OS 

Get Paid On Liens

Quickie 37 OS 

Are You Going to Get Paid?

Quickie 38 OS 

More Really, Really Smart Doctors

Quickie 39 OS 

Success Checklist Circa 2-2014

Quickie 40 OS 

Get Paid and Avoid Law Suits & Audits

Quickie 41 OS

Customer Service: Abdication vs. Delegation

Quickie 42 OS

ICD-10 Warning

Quickie 43 OS

Get Paid and Avoid Lawsuits and Audits

Quickie 44 OS 

Customer Service and Abdication Vs. Delegation

Quickie 45 OS

ICD-10 Warning

Quickie 46 OS

The 61% Rule

 Quickie 47 OS

Patient Communication

Quickie 48 OS

Abdication: The surest path towards failure

 Quickie 49 OS

Get Paid and Avoid Law Suits & Audits

Quickie 50 OS 

Customer Service & Abdication vs. Delegation


Quickie 51 OS

Billing Multiple Modalities

Quickie 52 OS 

Legally Admissible Practice Fees!

Quickie 53 OS 

Staff: The Double Edge Sword

 Quickie 54 OS

Post-Vacation Kick in the Butt

 Quickie 55 OS

Are you in line to get BIT IN THE ASS?”

Quickie 56 OS

Overturn Carrier FRAUD and GET PAID

Quickie 57 OS

ICD-10 Coding Update 

Quickie 58 OS 

The Power of Outcome Studies

 Quickie 59 OS

Getting Paid from a SCUMBAG Lawyer

  Quickie 60 OS

Documenting Pain

Quickie 61 OS

Documenting Why


 Quickie 62 OS

Lien Payment & Lawyer's Deceptive Phetoric

Quickie 63 OS 

The Lawyer Diverted My First-Party Benefits

 Quickie 64 OS 

Post-Surgical Clearance

 Quickie 65 OS

Treatment on the First Day of Care

Quickie 66 OS

Corporate Check Up


 Quickie 67 OS

Lawyers Heard it Through the Grapevine

  Quickie 68 OS

Discovery End Deadlines

 Quickie 69 OS

Subpeona Duces Tecum

 Quickie 70 OS

Liens & Letters of Protection

 Quickie 71 OS

Get Paid

  Quickie 72 OS

 Get Paid: It's that easy?


 Quickie 73 OS


 Quickie 74 OS

NEW Irrevocable Assignment of Benefits and Rights

  Quickie 75 OS

Lawyers Diverting Med-Pays

Quickie 76 OS

Chiropractic & My Wall Street Meeting



Quickie 77 OS

The Lawyers Managed Care $$ Money Grab $$

 Quickie 78 OS

Treatment Goals and Get Paid for Long-Term Chiropractic Care

 Quickie 79 OS

Get Paid on Long-Term Care: Detailed

 Quickie 80 OS

Identify Yourself


Quickie 81 OS

                                                      End Result of Poor Documentation            

 Quickie 82 OS

                                        This is about your $$$                     

 Quickie 83 OS                                                                                                   

 Meeting the Minimum Standard

Quickie 84 OS                                                                        

 Get Paid from Scumbag Law Firms

Quickie 85 OS                                                                               

 The Lawyer Diverted My Med-Pay or Direct Benefits                                   


Quickie 86 OS

Learn How to Give the Best Report of Findings