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The following modules are "Quickies." These have been previously e-mailed in their entirety and are here for your review. Although the messages are shorter in length, they are no less important.

Quickie 1 CV

Pain Management Specialist

Quickie 2 CV

Curricula Vitae

Quickie 3 CV

CV & License Number

Quickie 4 CV

Do Lawyers Take You Seriously?

Quickie 5 CV

Baseball Cards & Credentials

Quickie 6 CV

CV's - Living Documents

Quickie 7 CV

New Lien Form

Quickie 8 CV

CV Update

Quickie 9 CV

Opening the Lawyer's Closed Door

Quickie 10 CV

The CV - A Lawyer's Perspective

Quickie 11 CV

Feedback from the Lawyers

Quickie 12 CV

Another Stupid Doctor and Another License Soon to be Gone

Quickie 13 CV

Adding "Academy of Chiropractic" to Your CV

Quickie 14 CV


Quickie 15 CV

CVs and the Narrative

Quickie 16 CV

CVs and Getting Paid

Quickie 17 CV

Do We Fail as a Profession Over $1

Quickie 18 CV

Opportunities Lost are Business Lost

Quickie 19 CV

Opportunities Lost are Business Lost, Part 2

Quickie 20 CV

My CV is Making Me Money

Quickie 21 CV

They Will Refer

Quickie 22 CV

The Real Competition in Personal Injury

Quickie 23 CV

More Credentials

Quickie 24 CV

CV, Logos and Wellness

Quickie 25 CV

Certification in MRI Spine Interpretation

Quickie 26 CV

MRI Certification: Lawyers-Courts-Legislation

Quickie 27 CV

Will Your Weakest Link Bite You in the Butt?

Quickie 28 CV

Updating Your CV = Refferals

Quickie 29 CV

Attaching Credentials to CVs

Quickie 30 CV 


Quickie 31 CV

Posting Your CV on the US Chiropractic Directory

 Quickie 32 CV

How Lawyers Handle Your CV

  Quickie 33 CV

C.V = Leverage

Quickie 34 CV

CV Posting Confusion 

 Quickie 35 CV

Clinic CV Entry

 Quickie 36 CV

CV Entry

 Quickie 37 CV

Why Get Primary Spine Care Qualified

Quickie 38 CV

Where do my qualifications go

 Quickie 39 CV

CV Club Challenge

 Quickie 40 CV

 Attaching Certificates to Your CV


 Quickie 41 CV

I am going to court soon, how can I upgrade my credentials

 Quickie 42 CV

Passing Voir Dire for Court (1)

 Quickie 43 CV

Where do I start to build my credentials (1)?

 Quickie 44 CV

What is the benefit of being Hospital Qualified

 Quickie 45 CV

“Mini-Fellowships Now Approved Through Medical Academia”