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Narratives #63

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“The Coupling of Impairment Rating to Duties Under Duress & Loss of Enjoyment of Life”

Based upon my research from various sources, it is apparent that for the Colossus algorithm to recognize duties under duress and loss of enjoyment of life, you must have an impairment rating to unlock those values. Some carriers accept a chiropractor’s impairment rating, but many require “medical validation” with an impairment rating from an MD. 

This is not a licensure issue, it is the carrier’s way of creating another obstacle to lower settlement values and make more money. Initially, too many injured claimants were being treated by chiropractors and that was costing the carrier’s too much money because we did it right and the MD’s don’t. Therefore, it is in the carrier’s best interest to get the lawyers to pressure their clients to shift their treatment away from chiropractic. AND… it has been working for 20 years because this tactic had not been exposed. It is now by me and many others before me. 

In addition, the MD’s do not document appropriately to meet the algorithm of the carriers and based upon $100,000 -$360,000 annual malpractice rates of the specialists, they do not have the time to document. That is what the carriers on banking on, and has gotten them VERY wealthy. 

The challenge… LAWYERS… they still do not want to accept that Colossus is real and it is your job to get them to see the truth of why they are getting “low ball” offers from the carriers. With you, the CREDENTIALED PRIMARY SPINE CARE PROVIDER and your team of medical specialists, the lawyer gets the same MD, just not first and you get to provide the documentation needed to meet those algorithms (when clinically present).  

However, never lost sight of the fact, that without impairment ratings, there usually is NO duties under duress or loss of enjoyment of life values. This is also why I strongly recommend Spine Metrics ( as Dr. Robert Peyster is their reading neuroradiologist and he renders an impairment rating with his digitizing. 

Again, this is all based upon clinical findings being present and NOT Pandering to lawyers to increase values of cases.