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Lawyers & Medical Specialists Meetings #28

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“The Narrative Deliver Process”

How to Create the Package and What to Include

Dr. Scott Ferguson from Ohio asked me this question today and it is a critical question in developing and maintaining relationships with lawyers. Never forget you only get 1 opportunity for first impression. Also never lose sight of the fact that there are many “first impression.” You have a first impression upon meeting someone for the first time, another for the first time they see your documentation, another for the first time they hear you answer questions on medical topics, etc. 

Therefore, you have many opportunities to either shine or flop. You get to choose!

Dr. Ferguson asked:

1. I have 2 narratives I need to take; they are straight forward cases with not a lot of info.

2. 1 case only had hospital records and the other one only has my records.

3. Is the binder approach overkill?

4. Do I include my fees/billings in this binder?

My answer:

I like to appear “bigger than life” in a very conservative manner so the lawyer will remember me and realize I understand their needs. Therefore, I would communicate my findings in the following manner:

A 3-ringed binder, preferably that has a “green marble” look as lawyers are used to seeing that design and typically equate those colors to success in the legal world. In that binder I would include on quality stock that is separated by tabs that have the sections noted on it (Kinkos does this inexpensively or you can do it on your printer):


1.  My CV

2. The narrative 

          a. copies: 1 for the lawyer, 1 for the courts and 1 for the defense

3.  Copies of all HCFA’s

4.  Outside reports

I would also have a copy of the book “Evidence Based Demonstrative Evidence of Bodily Injuries from Trauma” bought at to give to the lawyer and offer to teach them and their staff on a regular basis. In the front cover, add your name and address and include a research article for 1 chapter that is applicable to the narrative you have created. 

This is also why you need to personally “hand deliver” the narratives. Otherwise, this will lose its full effect and opportunity to educate the lawyer as to why you need to sit with them monthly to educate them and their staff.