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Marketing #19

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“Getting Your Referral Sources to See You”

"Business Strategy”

This is not a marketing tip or tool, it is a business strategy to take over the marketshare in your region based upon sound principles and the acronym “R-R-R,” repeat and review with regularity. 

When dealing with lawyers, I have gone over numerous times the legal rules on being confirmed as an expert. The court hearings depending upon your state are called Frye, Voir Dire or Daubert proceedings and the purpose is to confirm that you are really an expert as deemed by the courts (the judge on the case). To lawyers, this is more important than any Colossus issue or settlement tidbit because EVERY lawyer looks towards trial in the beginning regardless if they know the case will settle or not. That is a fact that has been confirmed consistently over the past 3 years by 10,000’s of plaintiff’s lawyers. 

Therefore, your credentials are critical and this is nothing new as I have teaching that for years. However, how you communicate your credentials is a strategy that must be honed and done on a regular basis so that you not only stay in the “face” of the lawyer, but what you send is impactful in that it helps them prevail in cases they currently have. That is a prime strategy for perpetual referrals. 

Over the past few weeks I have been sharing with you to take course at, they are free, a great source of quality education and are great CV builders. This is in addition to the courses listed, which are not free, but handle almost every issue a lawyer has in their contemporary practices. 

As you take each course, you should be emailing your referral sources, both lawyers and MD’s (yes MD’s although they really don’t need the CV, it just shows them you are smart and that matters). 

This morning I added a new citation to my CV and sent the following out to my referral sources:

For your records: I just added the following citation to my CV: 

Citation: Studin M., Owens W. (2016) Concussion: Diagnosis-Testing-Chiropractic “New Testing is Available Using Biomarkers”, American Chiropractor 34(7) 26, 28 -30

To view my full CV, please CLICK HERE

This is a professional way to constantly stay in the “face” of the lawyer and gets them know you are credentialed and they will “get it” that you will be able to prevail in an expert hearing, which again is paramount to them. Can it be a little obnoxious to constantly “blow your own horn?” Of course, but if you don’t blow your own horn, who will and I would rather err on the side of having them know, then not. 

These are also prime social media posts that should be done on a regular basis (call Carrie to learn more about us doing Social Media for you 631-365-1637). 

The strategy is simple and will work only if you do. You must continually take courses that are valid for CV posting and there are 1000’s of sites that offer either free or not quality courses, but choose wisely as what you communicate matters. 

The next issue is how you share your CV and that should always be on the US Chiropractic Directory. Lawyers have ethical issues about referring to a specific doctor in many states and if you use the US Chiropractic Directory as the vehicle, that resolves the issue as the lawyer can direct them to the site and they can pick who they want, with the lawyer sharing with them who they know. 

I just had a conversation with a lawyer in West Virginia about NOT wanting to refer, for that very reason and once I shared with him the US Chiropractic Directory as the vehicle, the issue was resolved… instantly!!

This is a strong part of your business strategy and one that needs to be worked on constantly.