Academy of Chiropractic’s Lawyers PI Program

Marketing #16

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“Lawyer’s Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Events and Holiday Gifts”

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are a total waste to create the relationship with the lawyer. Getting the best seats at a ballgame or theatre is a total waste of your time and money to create the relationship with the lawyer. Buying expensive gifts during the holiday’s is a pure waste of money to create the relationship with the lawyer. I know because I spent more than almost anyone in the nation to try to “buy my way in.” 


However, once you have created the relationship with the lawyer and they understand you are the solution to their problems (this includes referring medical specialists and primary’s) then… You use these activities and gift to build on an already good relationship to make it better and if you don’t… prepare to keep fighting to maintian that relationship.

ONCE you have make a solid relationship than you had best polish up the golf clubs, get the best seats in the house and make reservations at some of the finest restauants to ensure your referral source has an emotional “hook” into you, which also gives you an opportunity to further educate your referral source about you and your practice. However… remember the “kiss of death” in marketing a chiropractic practice… NEVER, EVER, EVER talk treatment because not one of your referral sources give a rat’s ass about CBP, ABC, Gonstaed, Atlas Orthogonal or any other chiropractic technique. All they care about his how you diagnose, prognose and triage your cases and then hoiw it’s documented in an evidenced based environment. 

I am big proponent of Thanksgiving and giving gifts. EVERYONE gives Christmas/Hanukah gifts and virtually no one gives a Thanksgiving gift. The really cool part is they do not need to be expensive and often a chocolate turkey does the trick. This is something you can buy in bulk and give one to every secretary and ask the attorney having children he/she has and leave a whole bunch for them with a minimal cost. This is something relatively unique and you will definitely get their attention in a positive manner.

However, this is not substitute for sending personal time with the referral sources at the golf course, at ballgames or during meals. It is during those long stretches of personal time where your “pleasing personality” and “clinical excellence” will start to shine. You must follow the number one rule of business meetings and as always talk about the other party much more than talking about you. 

The number one conversations that I have always had with the lawyers or medical specialists is centered on me being “well read” regarding scientific literature. This line of conversation establishes me as being expert and also gives my referral source additional tools to do their job better. It positions me to be their resource to help resolve their problems. As a result it allowed me to share with them the type of expert that I am without me “tooting my own horn” or asking for referrals (but expected them as a result). The bottom line is that is usually always worked as long as I was consistent and met with my referral sources on a regular basis, either in an office or socially. I always got more referrals if I connected with them in a social setting.

A good starter research article for the medical community is:

How Does the Chiropractic Adjustment Work? A Literature Review of Pain Mechanisms and Brain Function Alteration: The Brain Connection

This article can be found by clicking here

For lawyers… go to Bi-Monthly Flyer #139

There is something to talk about to everyone. You lead with academics and then do not leave it as it is the basis for everything you do. Being the best-of-the-best through clinical excellence means you both understand and teach the latest research and you have the credentials to discuss it. 

Marketing is about branding you and your practice in the mind of your referral source so that they see you as the primary spine care provider or first referral source for “everything spine.” All the giveaways, meals, sporting events and any other activity is so that you can spend time with the referral source to get them to understand that you are not the average chiropractor and that you are the solution to their problems in practice.

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