Academy of Chiropractic’s Lawyers PI Program

Infrastructure #69

From the Desk of :

The "Screw You" Company

The above company is an example one of many that lawyers hire that both negotiate and teach them how to lower their lien fees. In short, how to screw you but do it in a very sophisticated manner.

In previous consultations, I have given you a very powerful formula to get paid. Follow it to the letter to ensure you both have verification in a legally, defensive manner and that you can have the upper hand in the negotiations. Unfortunately in today’s marketplace, too many lawyers are feeling empowered to take advantage of you because too many doctors are simply stupid and not following the legal formula to leverage the lawyer in paying your bill on a valid lien.

In some states, lawyers are getting new laws to limit your liens. In those states, you have to move to a letter of protection and bypass the lien or you will set yourself up to not getting paid. So far, I have heard those scenarios in Missouri and Virginia. However it should not be a problem using the correct instrument to ensure payment. 

Lawyers used to realize that screwing a doctor is the “kiss of death” for their next case, but unfortunately, too many doctors are willing to take “pennies on the dollar” and/or are naive in the process to ensure payment. Through companies like the one listed above, the lawyers are being trained how to screw you over every little detail… because they can legally... and it is up to you to ensure you have your paperwork in order. 

If you don’t…the reason for non-payment is you and with the help of companies the lawyers hire and/or just a smart lawyer they will win… at your expense and you will have zero recourse. 

Be prepared... and get paid!