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Build Your Infrastructure #142

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“The Given Name Debacle”

given name also known as a personal name,first name,forename, or Christian name.

I received this today in an initial evaluation review. I have also seen the same in a narrative report:

Dear Mr. Johnson:

The following is an Initial report concerning the injuries of John Smith, sustained as a result of an automobile accident on 5/27/2014.  John was initially seen in this office on November 3, 2014.


John entered our office with lower back pain and radiation into his left leg.

Question #1: Is John a friend?

Question #2: Is John family?

Question #3: Is John working for you?

Question #4: Because you have such a familiar relationship with John, can you be objective? 

Question #5: Because you have such a familiar relationship with John, what will you do to earn John more money in settlement or through increased benefits?

Real doctors do not refer to patients by their given name… NEVER. Only “demented” chiropractors take unprofessional liberties in documentation for some unknown reason and it is a VERY BAD place to position yourself and leaves you open to honest questions about your integrity.

This familiar type of reporting has NEVER been taught in professional school, nor is it being taught in contemporary chiropractic or medical schools. It is about as hard a rule as exists, refer to patients in reports by their proper and full name or with Mr., Mrs., or any other appropriate prefix.

This is non-negotiable for any and all documents that are generated from your office.