Academy of Chiropractic’s Lawyers PI Program

Lawyers & Medical Specialists Meetings & Communication #23

From the Desk of :

“What if the Lawyer Doesn’t Get It?”

I recently lectured to a large group of lawyers and after I explained the entire program, inclusive of admissibility, Colossus, digitizing, proper MRI reads, etc., there was still significant reluctance for them to engage with the chiropractors in the room at the level they should. How did I know that…I could see it in their eyes, body language and one simply told me that in spite of everything I shared with them, they still need their orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, etc… 

Please understand that this was playing out in front of over 100 lawyers in attendance listening and watching. I turned to them and said “Most, if not all of you never argued an impairment rating and fear being stuck with a hard number. You have also worked very hard over the last 10 years getting your orthopedists and neurologists lined up, while concurrently relying much less on a chiropractor. Do you know this has gotten you from $20-$30-$40,000 settlements to $2-$3-$4,000 settlements and you are resisting?”

“How many of your medical specialists report herniations beyond their specialty? Most orthopedists will write a non-surgical disc is the findings and bring it down to a strain/sprain. Pain management doctors who have no procedures to do will report non-remarkable MRI because they relate the findings to their specialty as all specialists do. If it’s not about what they can do…They take the position of…”

This is the concept you need to convey because it is 100% accurate in almost EVERY situation.

Then go on to explain “How many of your medical specialists will take the time to document impairment ratings, prognosis, duties under duress, loss of enjoyment of life, sexual habit changes from trauma, the last treatment for pre-existing issues, work losses and treatments for each diagnosis? The answer is ZERO!”

Now for an “Ah-Ha” moment for the lawyer. Explain “I appreciate your concern and the concern of the courts for a medical specialist and at the end of the day, you will get the same specialists because they are needed as part of the team. However if the patient goes through me as the primary spine care provider, I can get everything needed to be documented and admitted into the courts because I have the training and the time to make that happen.

In addition, because I am credentialed, should the case not appear to afford you or my patient the specialist I do not charge my patient to testify making me the insurance policy. Everyone wins provided the clinical picture dictates it.”