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“The Power of the DISC”


I have previously critiqued 41 clinical surveys on disc issues and the pattern has been set. We, as a profession, need help. The average score was less than 50% and that is very “not good.” The scary part is that I have been discussing disc with you for over 200 regular, quickie, and audio consultations. That makes you, on the average, one of the most learned bodies in the profession regarding disc.


Just this morning, I had a breakfast meeting with a prominent lawyer and last week I had lunch with another. Earlier last week, I lectured to 40 lawyers and last month to another 120 lawyers. In addition, I have received over 10 phone calls from lawyers nationally over the last few weeks and the conversation is centered on 1 topic - DISC!


The standard of the courts nationally, like it or not, is focused on discs and as a result, the lawyers are desperate to understand, utilize and get their disc findings into testimony. The problem is that most, if not all, lawyers, in spite of their rhetoric or conviction, do not understand disc. Most lawyers have a working knowledge and most of that is not steeped in fact, but on the past testimony of many doctors who rendered nonsense in their testimonies based upon their lack of knowledge. This is a scenario that has played itself out all too often in my conversations with 1000’s of lawyers in every state.


Read Bi-Monthly Flyer #41 in the Educational Library for the literature standard on disc nomenclature. In fact, memorize it as this sets the foundation for you being a "Primary Spine Care Provider."


As a result of the legal community focusing on disc, the pattern has been set; this is where you need to put your resources of time and money. Learn disc and become expert at it. I do not mean read an article…I mean become the “real deal.” Get the knowledge and credentials because one without the other is useless. Learn how to teach it so that you are truly the expert. This is a very self-serving consultation because the solution is to take the MRI Spine Interpretation Course, but I do not offer any apologies because the program was created to give you a starting point in becoming an expert. To date, most of you are not the expert required to win at the level you need to.


Right now, 90% of the phone calls I get are clinical questions and I welcome them, yet the majority of those calls have to do with disc issues, definitions, pathology, treatment and diagnosis. It is abundantly clear that we, as a profession, do not understand disc as well as we need to. Chiropractic is not alone in its misunderstanding of disc issues. Most MD’s and many general radiologists, as well, are not accurate in their understanding of disc and the only consistent body of professionals who are are the neuroradiologists. That is because their specialty is focused on brain and spine. Come to think of it, so is ours, on spine.


When you host your round table breakfast meetings, the topic is going to be disc. Why? That is the topic that fills the rooms with the greatest ease when I lecture nationally and I have done the homework for you to win. You will thrive or fail to based upon your understanding of all disc issues and should be expert at the nuances: bulges, herniations, extrusions, protrusions, sequestrations, varices, osteomyelitis, slice thicknesses, volume rendering, stacking, STIR, T1, T2, etc. This is the one single clinical issue that can set you apart from the competition because everyone is the best adjuster…Just ask them!


If you want to take the MRI Spine Interpretation Course and finances are tight, let me know and I will work out a payment plan with you. My goal is for you to win.