Academy of Chiropractic’s Lawyers PI Program

Lawyers and Medical Specialists Meetings & Communication #19

From the Desk of :

“Treatment: The Referral Destroyer”

"We offer decompression, CBP...what that means is chiropractic biophysics, full exercise rehabilitation with a gym and the most advanced cold-laser devices in the industry." 

The above statement is a typical conversation between the chiropractor and either the lawyer, medical primary care provider or medical specialist and is one of the single causes for NEVER getting the referral. Our research has clearly and repetitively revealed that referral sources literally "do not give a rat's ass" about how you care for the patient, only that you will. They all expect you to be the doctor and if they wanted to learn the "how," they would go back to school vs. referring them to you. 

Once you get to that level of conversation, expect to lose quickly...not over time. 

What the referral source  does want to know is how you are considering deriving your diagnosis. They are intimately interested in what your thoughts are on triaging the patient because you are now part of the solution.  

Lawyers need to know the value of the case based upon what is wrong with the patient. The majority of the legal community still has no reality about Colossus and that will come in different parts of the conversation and initially all they care about is what is wrong and who will care for their clients. 

Medical primary care providers and medical specialists also do not care about how you care for your patient as a rule. This sub-set will respond well to scientific literature AFTER you support your knowledge-base about triaging and diagnosing by revealing your clinical excellence and knowing as much or more than they do on spine, disc and pain. The diagnosis is critical because it determines who will be caring for the patient and medicine places equal value on diagnosis and treatment and rarely will consider the treatment prior to concluding and accurate diagnosis, followed by a prognosis and at the very, very , very end...The treatment plan. 

Once you get beyond that level of conversation, you can delve into anything you choose because now you own the room based upon your clinical excellence. I would still avoid the "type of treatment" conversation because they really, really do not care. Discuss scientific literature and here it is advisable to enter literature in the conversation about some of the treatment modalities you utilize if it is strongly evidenced based. This does not include literature form the manufacturer or manufacturer sponsored literature as that is usually discredited and will eventually be the demise of your relationship over time. Remember, medical physicians have grown up on scientific evidence unlike the chiropractic profession who has grown up on results.