Academy of Chiropractic’s Lawyers PI Program

Compliance #1

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“Compliance Mandates”

5 STEPS to a Perfect Model in 2015 and Beyond

If there is only one thing you take away from this program it is this consultation. There are many programs, plans, schemes, action steps and a myriad of other adverbs to build your practice, get more patients and make more money. However, without you following these rules be prepared to 1. Give all your money back 2. Lose lots of sleep at night 3. Give more money back then you made 4. Wish you never joined the profession.

Over the last five years I have been giving the same advice and thankfully many of you have listened, however too many of you have chosen to continue to cut corners. This is being written on New Year’s Eve for 2015 and over the last year I have been involved in dissecting a serious malpractice case, multiple carrier audits, licensure defenses, multiple conversations in academia on records, have lectured to both chiropractic students and 100’s of field doctors, which has all led me to understand that we all need to be more vigil with our documentation.

I also realize that over the years I have been equally guilty in breaking some of the hard rules that should never be broken. Because each of us are “wired” to serve, our best intentions often leads us down a slippery slope to peril. A malpractice case I was involved in just last week was a case in point of a doctor wanting to help their patient and with the best intentions broke every role and has had three years of hell leading up to a trial eight weeks from now of which the Dr. will lose badly. Once he loses this malpractice case the next step in his state will be a mandatory licensure hearing of which the Dr. will lose his license for not practicing within his licensure standards for that state.

Over the years I have given you “non-negotiable” action steps that must be done. This is at the top of the list and the following five steps must be adhered to with every patient encounter that will almost guarantee you prevailing in any licensure, audit or malpractice issue.

5 STEPS to a Prefect Model

For every body part you touch always have a 

1.  Complaint, either direct or elicited
2.  Clinical finding(s)
3.  Diagnosis
4.  Re-evaluate your patient every 30 days under active care
5.  While under active care, if a patient has a new body part complaint do a complete new evaluation on that body part before you treat.