Academy of Chiropractic’s Lawyers PI Program

Narrative #50

From the Desk of :

“Reporting Mileage”

Reporting Mileage is part of the formula used in calculating the settlement value as a reimbursable expense for the patient in settlements. As a rule, this is both applicable for both Colossus and non-Colossus algorithms, therefore making it a necessity for all lawyers. 

The following is a sample to give to all of your personal injury patients with the following instructions:

“Please complete this simple form for every transportation related trip you take associated with your accident. To my office, an MRI or your family doctor. This is inclusive of trips to the gym, pharmacy or any other activities I, or other doctors recommend you undertake that is directly related to your injuries. Your lawyer will then use this in the settlement formula.”

Some doctors feel that this should be part of the narrative reporting process…I disagree. This has nothing to do with the care of your patient and therefore should not be part of the report. However, it should be reported as a courtesy to the lawyers and you should inform the lawyer that you will be providing them with the documentation. 

The procedure is as simple as it gets. Simply have the patient fill out the above form, return it to you and add photocopies of the mileage report to the narrative report you give the lawyers as an attachment “paper clipped” to the report. 

As a matter of business, you should inform the lawyer, as a courtesy you will providing them with the mileage report. 

In essence, this is another trip to the…