Academy of Chiropractic’s Lawyers PI Program

Lawyers Meetings-Communication

From the Desk of :

“THE MOST Important LINE”

This will open the door for the lawyer to give you the time to explain the “magic language”

The most powerful communication with lawyers we have in this program is titled “the magic language.” After five months of the magic language being released it has proven to be an invaluable script to enable lawyers to fully understand what you do. In addition the check sheet that goes with the magic language will give the lawyer of visual of the full complement of what you can do.

One problem many doctors are having consistently is for the lawyers to give you the time to explain the magic language. In essence the lawyers are saying “give it to me in one minute.” This has created a level of frustration for many doctors and it is a task I set myself to accomplish to find that one sentence that will captivate their attention and give you virtually unlimited time for the lawyers to learn what you have to offer as a trauma-based specialists through your clinical excellence.

This is one of the reasons I have been lecturing extensively nationwide because I needed a very diverse audience of lawyers that encompasses both plaintiff and defense, conservative versus liberal, newly admitted versus experience lawyers, rural versus inner-city and every other demographic imaginable within the legal community. I say that because I want you to understand the level of market research required to resolve the problem. Many of you speak with one or two lawyers who have a strong opinion and falsely assume that every lawyer agrees with those one or two lawyers, no matter that lawyer’s level of success. This is a common conversation I have had for years and a pitfall that must be avoided in the in determining the direction for both my recommendations to you and for you accepting a standard for your practice.

After decades of dealing with lawyers I can say with a “tremendous degree of certainty” the following statement has never been paralleled in getting the lawyer to “laser lock” on my every word. It should also be the opening statement you have with every new lawyer you interface with or every lawyer you already have an existing relationship with who hasn’t been exposed to this type of technology or language. This statement is as follows:

“How would you like every one of your clients to have a bodily injury and an impairment equal to an amputated leg?”

The above opening statement, which is known as the “wow factor” has had every lawyer I have said this to instantly stop what they are doing, stop what they are thinking about, stop multitasking while they are talking to me and do nothing but hang on my every word from here forward. Once you have the lawyer’s attention you now must quantify your statement so as not to be inflammatory and destroy your reputation.

My next statement is “in whiplash cases the actual statistic is that approximately 60% of victims have bodily injuries and impairments based upon the American Medical Association’s accepted guidelines that is equal to an amputated leg and 99% or more of these whiplash victims go undiagnosed. In my advanced training specializing in biomechanical engineering in conjunction with the medical specialists I have relationships and co-manage my patients with I am able to fully diagnose these injuries and give you documentation to certify these bodily injuries. What I need to do is take three or four minutes to explain to you how this fits into my complete documentation of whiplash and soft tissue cases and how I demonstrably document bodily injury, even in the absence of a positive MRI.”

This will now lead you into the magic language. At this point in time you should have lawyers full attention and make sure upon completion you come back to this point to drive home why you are different based upon your clinical excellence.

X-ray digitizing diagnosed by Dr. Peyster, the neuroradiologist, who as I have explained many times before who is Harvard trained and is currently this section chief of neuroradiology at the State University of New York at Stony Brook School of Medicine, has been published over 70 times on MRI and advanced imaging and has worked directly with the Nobel laureate Dr. Paul Lautebur from Stony Brook where MRI was invented will be rendering the interpretation. This is no different than your local MRI Company giving you an MRI interpretation.

It is now up to you to utilize his conclusion in your reports and if you want the lawyer to regard you at a higher level get certified in spinal biomechanical engineering at Should you not have that credential this diagnosis will still stand and equally get the lawyer’s attention to realize that you have something they want.

The last 2000 lawyers I have lectured to over the past four or five months have ALL wanted this diagnosis for their clients once they understood the reasoning behind the necessity as it pertains to the Colossus algorithms and how it will affect jury decisions. In short, this covers both settlements and jury verdicts for the lawyer and for you the doctor, the findings, should they be positive significantly changes your diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan.

For me as a practitioner, every trauma-based patient should there be any aberrant range of motion in the spine is enough for me to consider ordering this test. In addition this is one of the only demonstrable (conclusive based upon hard findings) diagnostic finding in the absence of a positive MRI to answer the question of what is wrong with the patient. Once you explain this statement to the lawyer, provided they are educated, has proven…and will continue to immediately change their referral habits to you. That has been our consistent experience over the last 2000 lawyers.

This is a prime example of “winning through clinical excellence.”