Academy of Chiropractic’s

Lawyers PI Program Narratives 40

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"Reporting the Cost of Your Care"

Simply put, lawyers need the cost of your care in order to create demand letters and/or bill of particulars with carriers when attempting settlement. It would be quite simple to add that into your narrative, however that would have nothing to do with the health issues of your patient. I have read thousands (literally) of reports from neurologists, neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons and have never seen that documented in their reports. On the other hand, it becomes a very user-friendly process for the lawyers.

When deciding a strategy to make yourself "user-friendly" to the legal community you must also consider the long-term implications of all of your actions. I have always held that we need to be "aggressively conservative" based on clinical excellence when it comes to everything from ordering tests to reporting on the clinical findings and future health care needs of your patients. Therefore, I believe a healthy compromise is the solution to meeting the needs of the legal community while maintaining your reputation as not pandering to the plaintiff lawyer.

The solution is to annex to your narrative a copy of each HCFA. HCFA copies is something I have seen in 100% of every lawyers file for every Doctor, hospital and medical service rendered to their client. This is consistent, conservative and usual and customary with every health care provider and will not "flag you" as pandering to the to the plaintiff's lawyer.