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"Move to the Top of Google With Local Searches...For FREE"

I spoke to a Internet marketing company yesterday and asked for help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) that is the process that gets you seen on the Internet. In fact, many very large medical offices ONLY use the Internet to market their practices...and do so VERY successfully.
One of the BEST ways to get new patients and lots of traffic is to be placed high on local searches. For instance, if you want a chiropractor in Stony Brook NY, you Google just that and it will give you the names of local chiropractors with their reviews. In order for the doctors to get in the top of the searche, they need to have more reviews than their competitors and have a "Google Place" set up. 
Although this seems confusing to some, instead of paying Internet services upwards of $750 monthly for this service, I have spent the last 12 months developing a program for you to do this FOR FREE if you have a preferred listing on the US Chiropractic Directory as a members service. 
The process involves 2 actions that you need to take and are very easy. The first is to add to your preferred listing "reviews." This can be accessed from the homepage of your local listing by simply going to and typing in your name. Once there, click on write a review. You can write a review for your patients, with their permission as long as you have their e-mail addresses  or for anyone else who chooses to do so. The more reviews you have posted, the higher up you will go n the Google search engine for FREE.
Secondly, those reviews need a place to go. The place is called
"Google Place" appropriately named. If you do not have a Google Place, here are the instructions for creating one, all you need is a G-Mail account and those are FREE also.

Google Place – Connecting you with the places you love.

Claim your business listing on Google – For Free!
·        Sign up for Google places with your Gmail account.

·        It will prompt you to choose your Country and put in your company’s phone number.

·        The screen will transition and ask you for more of your business information:
-               Address
-               Contact information
-               Website
-               Short description of what your business does or your business’s slogan
-               Category that describes your business

·        It will ask if you do deliveries or home care, or if you need your customers to come to you. Answer Yes if your company will go to your customers or No if the need to come to your location.

·        The next section allows you to list your hours of business throughout the week.

·        You can also specify how customers can pay at your business.

·        You should take advantage of the photo (up to 10) and video (up to 5) upload capabilities as you allow your potential customers to become more familiar with your business and knowledge base.

·        Last  and most important you can add additional details such as information about your parking situation or your specialties.

There you go! You officially now have a Google Place.

Once you have a Google Place account, every time a review is written, Google will see it and add it to the search criteria of placing your office in the local searches. The more you have, the higher you are. Remember, there must be regular traffic or you will lose relevancy and Google will not see you. therefore make sure you keep adding reviews on a regular basis to the account. Ask everyone you know to support you in the process.