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“Your CV is a Powerful Tool to Get Lawyers to Run After You”


We have discussed numerous times the importance of having a “powerful and admissible” curriculum vitae. Over the last month, there have been numerous law changes, around the country, mandating credentials prior to testimony. Previously, a plaintiff lawyer had to argue with a defense lawyer in front of the judge to admit your evidence into testimony. Now, in many states, the law has been re-written, mandating that you show evidence of that level of expertise.


Even if this law isn’t yet in your state, give it time…It will be. The insurance industry will go to every length to keep your testimony out of the courts in order to prevail. In addition, it makes sense that a doctor shouldn’t be able to render an opinion if they are clueless on the issue, regardless of their ability to “sling the crap” while sounding knowledgeable. I know because that was my forte for many years!


This is not specific to chiropractic. For instance, if an orthopedic surgeon has no training in MRI interpretation, they cannot testify in New Jersey on MRI findings. It is not a chiropractic issue and this issue is not specific to one state. Give it a few short years and I believe you will see this standard nationally. Now for the really good news...


You are the only ones in the profession not only to know this, but to understand the power of your CV. I have now read 1000’s of CV’s in our profession and you are in a very elite group. I would say usually, but that is not the truth; the truth is every doctor in the nation has a “piss poor resume,” which doesn’t even qualify as a professional CV, and that is an embarrassment. It is very rare that I get a CV that you would want anyone to see.


After a little bit of tweaking and a lot of course work, your CV’s are now outstanding and that sets you apart from the rest of the profession. Your CV gives you the ability to thrive in a very competitive environment because the lawyer can use you. That is huge, and more importantly…you understand why because you speak their language and approach it from meeting their needs, not yours, in an ethical environment. In fine tuning the needs of the lawyer, there are 7 areas that you must have credentials in, allowing the courts to have the requisite documented evidence of your “expert status.”  These are:


  1. Spine Pathology
  2. Disc Pathology
  3. Neurodiagnostics
  4. Crash Dynamics
  5. Triaging the Injured
  6. Electrodiagnostic Interpretation
  7. Spine MRI Interpretation


These areas encompass most of what an accident victim will encounter that touches our world and will give the lawyer leverage by working with you. I have spent the last 2 years creating courses for you that are formally approved by the NYS Department of Education. It doesn’t matter if it is New York or California or Alaska. Regardless of your location, the courses are approved by a regulatory body that every court should accept as an approved standard of education for testimony. As you know, these courses can be found at


At the Super Conference on Clinical Excellence this past weekend, Dr. Bill Owens shared a brilliant concept with the audience; every time he adds a new credential to his CV, he e-mails a copy of the amended CV to the lawyers. This way, he stays in the forefront of their minds and they get to see all his credentials, reminding them that he is the “REAL DEAL.” This mandates that he keeps an e-mail database of all the lawyers that he has ever worked with.


I strongly urge you to do the same with your CV, once we have concluded working on it and you have at least 2-3 of the requisite credentials. As you round out your credentials, send them to the lawyers. They will very much appreciate it and it will give them the opportunity to realize they can work with you and refer to you. It’s not about the steak dinner or ballgames; it’s about you!