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Preamble: many of these issues are small, yet each issue is just that… an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then the larger issues often take care of themselves and you can focus on the larger issues… a larger, more profitable practice and more family time.

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 “Success: Long Days and Sleepless Nights” Mark Studin 2018

Over the last few months, I have had the opportunity to visit many large hospital clinical settings when meeting with medical specialists for various reasons (with various relatives for their health issues). Initially, I didn’t pay attention to the physical setting of the offices or how the staff interacted with us, but after a few visits, I was overpowered by how much I enjoyed going to the “doctor’s offices.” As you know, I am a stickler for detail in everything about how an office is run and set up.

In retrospect, it is almost as if those running the clinics read these consultations because they got almost everything right. However, let’s start at the end on the second visit. As I left left one office my family member said “I really like that doctor.” WE NEVER SAW THE DOCTOR. They had a test with a tech and then was explained the proceedure for follow up with another staff member  who also read the results from a blood test that was normal. BUT THEY LOVED THE DOCTOR!!!!!

On the initial visit, when we entered the office, it was very busy, yet immaculate; not a pieve of lint on a chair or anything else. Playing on the TV in the reception area was fun educational information about the medical specialty. They were missing diplomas on the walls, but they did have pictures of the local community throughout the office. The staff immediatley processed us, gave us paperwork and offered to help if we needed it. They looked us in the eye when communicating, all of them did with a lot of smiling. This made us feel reassured we were in the right facility because as any new patient, there is a level of anxiety.

Everyone wore scubs. All in different colors and prints and throughout the office some were wearing religious head covereings as their culture dictated. This inclusive environment was immediately noticed and was welcoming to all. However, the clothing was immaculate, not a wrinkle or stain and as with scrubs, sometimes people look like they just “rolled out of bed” and went to work. Not here.

The wait to be seen was less than 10 minutes and we were interviewed by a non-licensed medical assitant who took the vitals, complete history and ensured we had all of the previous test results either with us or in the system. The the doctor came in the office, looked us right in the eye (I noticed that continually throughout the entire visit with EVERYONE) and after brief introductions as this was the first visit with this doctor, he reviewed the entire history and dictated to his staff any changes. He then went on to do a thorough examination of the body parts in question and when he finished, he explained his findings and what needs to be done.

Afterwards, he said “ask me any questions you have.” He stood there for 4-5 minutes and answered all the questions in a pointed manner, not deviating from the topic, not telling jokes, not seeing who knows who and not wasting time with “fluff” because when he left, his staff did the bantering to give us that “personal feeling” as we gathered our stuff. In all, the doctor spent about 12 minutes of the hour we were in the office.

After we left, with 3 more visits scheduled for various tests that took about 5 minutes, my family member turned to me and said, I LOVE THAT DOCTOR and he only spent about 12 minutes in total with us with not any personal interaction other than “hello.”

Afterwards, I went to he bathroom because I am 62 years-old and have to pee every 2 hours and once again, this facility did not let me down. Touchless everything, wonderfully scented soap and the air smelled “clean” because the had air purifiers in the bathroom and it was immaculately CLEAN (not easy for public bathrooms because as a rule, men need better aim, especially 62 year-old).

As we drove away, everyone commented on the beautiful landscaping that was nothing more than inexpensive annuals perfectly done. I was impressed albeit with a relatively impersonal physician encounter.

Never lose sight of that fact that you are “selling” an expereince and not just results. Too often, perception drives reality and the TOTALITY OF THE VISIT drives whether patients stay, refer or sometimes gets better.

What are your takeaways from this consultation? Everyone smiling, cleanliness, immaculately dressed, wonderful smelling bathrooms, landscaping? I am a big proponent of NOT re-inventing the wheel and learning from other’s successes (or failures). It is time for you to make HUGE “subtle” changes in your practice if there are deficiencies… Don’t re-invent with what works in today’s healthcare marketplace for those GAINING IN MARKETSHARE! It’s more than lawyers or MD’s referring… It’s about being patient centered and this is a signifcant component because those patients will tell both other potential new patients and your referral sources. In the end, what you do will be reflected in your bottom line.



Adjunct Associate Professor of Chiropractic, University of Bridgeport, College of Chiropractic

Adjunct Post Graduate Faculty, Cleveland University-Kansas City, College of Chiropractic

Adjunct Professor, Division of Clinical Sciences, Texas Chiropractic College

Graduate Medical Educational Presenter, Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education Joint Partnership with the State University of New York at Buffalo, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

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