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Narratives #8

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“Your Narrative & Research”



Your narrative is the single most important item that sets you apart from your competition. That competition is defined by anyone the lawyer can refer to and ranges from orthopedists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, physical medicine specialists, etc. As it stands, your narratives, that I have critiqued, are in, perhaps, the best format in the nation. This has been confirmed by 10,000’s of lawyers that I present to nationally. It is my goal with this consultation to make those reports better by “kicking it up a notch” to ensure you meet both the needs of the courts and carriers through meeting the needs of Colossus through complete and ethical reporting. 

On, under the “Educational Materials” category, there are over 140 educational fliers and that number grows every other week with a new topic. Each topic has a research article associated with it, supporting the issue. It has been well-established in the courts that you cannot quote research in your narrative, as the opposing lawyer does not have the ability to cross-examine the author, therefore rendering that research inadmissible. In addition, it makes you look the fool for not knowing that, along with being versed on every word in the research. 

When presenting a narrative, purchase “post-it flags” and when a topic arises that will be supported by research, place a post-it flag at the edge of the paper and write “Research #1.”  Go to the Web and find the corresponding research flyer. Make sure you have obtained the corresponding research, and attach both the educational flyer and supporting research as an addendum to the narrative. As an example, if you are utilizing the “Pre-Existing Conditions” section in the report because of arthritic degeneration present in the x-rays or MRI, go to educational flyer #15 which discusses arthritic degeneration and place that at the end of the report with the corresponding full-text version of the research. As another example, if a patient is having cervicogenic headaches and there are cervical disc herniation(s), you might want to consider utilizing #44, “Disc Injury Causes Chronic Headaches.” 
To underscore this action step and the power of the report, Dr. William Owens in Buffalo, submitted a research paper with a narrative in this format a few months ago. The end result was that the lawyer he was working with was awarded $2,000,000 in a verdict in 2010. The lawyer, when queried, cited Dr. Owens research as the prime reason for the award. This lawyer will be a referrer for Dr. Owens for the balance of his career. 

Dr. Owens utilized some of the material created for the Doctors PI Program. However, this the American Academy of Medical Legal Professionals is an organziation dedicated to posting "trauma related" research and it is strongly suggested you join. They provide research for trauma-related issues at a very high level and the members benefit by having access to research in a synopsized format.

I urge everyone to be a member of the American Academy of Medical Legal Professionals and utilize the benefits of membership. In addition, you can sit for a Diplomate test earning the DAAMLP after your DC. You can go or call Dr. Nathan Laubach, President directly for more information.  His number is 570-629-9507. 

On the Web site there is enough information and research topics to get started. I urge you to “kick it up a notch” and give yourself the competitive edge over the medical community in getting the lawyer to consider you their "goto doctor" and bypass both other chiropractors and medical specialists alike.