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Preamble: many of these issues are small, yet each issue is just that… an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then the larger issues often take care of themselves and you can focus on the larger issues… a larger, more profitable practice and more family time.

“Anatomy of a Successful PI Program”

How the defense sees us

“1 right in a room of 1 million wrong is the majority” Mark Studin 2017

Thursday evening, I presented to 100+ lawyers in New Jersey. It was standing room only and a powerful evening. This was Dr. Cintineo’s 18th presentation that happens every 6 months for 9 years, without a miss. The next has already been scheduled for May 15, 2018. First, Dr. Cintineo understands that the more doctors in your region, the more successful everyone is. The following doctors are an integral part of the seminar and contribute to the success of the program.

Dr. Robert Conti (The MC and the one that looks the most like me “rippling 12-pack and buns of steel!!!)
Dr. Michael Grant
Dr. Richard Sabbagh
Dr. Chris Fischer
Dr. David Depaolis
Dr. Michael Errichiello
Dr. Mark Zientek
Dr. Ralph Latyschow

These doctors understand there is no competition other than uneducated lawyers and MD’s and work cooperatively to grow TOGETHER. The more doctors you have in your region equates to everyone getting busier!

The presentation was new as I am always challenged by this group where 90% of the audience has heard me present before. The same lawyers keep coming back every time, which is the perfect formula. Do you really need more than 90 lawyers referring to you regularly? This presentation was perhaps the hardest program that I have ever developed as I did the following:

I explained the microscopic make-up of the disc (all 3 parts) and the neuroanatomy of the disc in intricate. I then explained how the disc affects and alters brain function in a whole spine biomechanical model and causes homeostatic changes. New Jersey IS the toughest state in the country for lawyers based upon the laws, which makes it “THE bell weather” standard as it all must be statutorily mandated evidenced based. Therefore, everything had to be presented based upon the literature. 

I then took that whole spine model to create homeostasis and explained the repair process of a damaged disc. Wolff’s Law was discussed and how a single, relatively small herniation will create a lifetime of a spine being in a biomechanically pathological state. This was done in 2.5 hours and they all got it based upon not one person getting up to leave or pee! It was tedious, focused on ONE topic and taught them how to argue disc at an unprecedented level. 

Now the “really cool” part. In the room as sponsors was 1. Neurosurgeon (Trained at ?) 2. Orthopedic Surgeon (Baylor Trained) 3. Neuroradiologist (Harvard Trained) 4. Pain Management Specialist (Columbia Trained) who also didn’t blink and although they attend to get business, was genuinely impressed. With the program… yes, but equally with the credentials of the doctors in the room as I spent quite some time explaining to the audience why these doctors are the “go to” doctors in the region based purely on their credentials. 

As you can see by the screen shot below of Dr. Cintineo’s Facebook post, the defense, who are also invited, pays careful attention to what we are doing. They do NOT want to go against you and plaintiff lawyers all know that, which is another reason for them to refer to you. Credentials, knowledge and making all this demonstrative matters.

I will be creating a continuing education program on this presentation so that you can learn and be credentialed. In addition, over the next few weeks, I will be posting, as consultation parts of the program. 

If I haven’t shared this with you before (duh!!!!) you need to do a lawyer’s seminar and now you must book at least 6 months in advance based upon my scheduling availability. We are close to releasing YOU presenting to MD’s, but lawyers… 3rd party validation from me certifying you as the expert is a far better paradigm for referrals. 

The picture below only shows you a portion of the audience and none of the people LITERALLY standing in the back. There were 3 rows of large ceiling lights to give you a perspective of the room.



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