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From: William J Owens Jr DC DAAMLP

The patient below has a 10 mm anterolisthesis of L4 in relation to L5, with spondylolysis bilaterally at this level. A 3.5 mm Posterolesthesis of L5 in relation to S1 is identified. There is significant loss of height and signal at L4-L5 and to a lesser degree at L5-S1. There is mild desiccation at L3-L4. Straightening of the normal lumbar lordosis. Type II degenerative changes [MODIC] are present throughout the L4-L5 and superior endplate of L1 vertebrae. The conus terminates at the T12 level. 

At T12-L1 through L3-L4 levels, there is a minimal bulge at L2-L3. The neural canal and neural foramina at all levels appear widely patent, with some facet arthropathy on the left at L2-L3.

At L4-L5, there is spondylolysis bilaterally, with anterolisthesis. The neural canal, however, is widely patent. There is severe narrowing of both neural foramina at this level, however. 

L5-S1: There are spondylitic changes at the endplates with shelving, spondylitic ridging and a diffuse degenerative disc bulge. There is moderate narrowing of the left neural foramen, moderate to severe narrowing of the right neural foramen, with facet arthropathy, somewhat greater on the right. 





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