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Preamble: many of these issues are small, yet each issue is just that… an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then the larger issues often take care of themselves and you can focus on the larger issues… a larger, more profitable practice and more family time.

“Things are Getting Harder”

This is a WARNING of What is Happening TODAY and in the Immediate Future

“Doing the same thing over and over is the surest and quickest way to the BOTTOM!   Mark Studin 2017
This consultation is a warning. READ IT CAREFULLY.


After a significant amount of market research with both doctors and lawyers nationwide, the current administration in Washington has driven fear into immigrants to the point where they are not going to emergency rooms and doctors after MVAs and other injuries. The prevailing concern is that ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) will be waiting there to deport them. Interestingly, in my own community yesterday, I saw an ICE van in the neighborhood; never before!

Like it or not, you are the end user of the “trickle down” policies created by our new administration and depending upon how large your local immigration population is (both legal and illegal immigrants as the legal ones are also afraid), will have an effect upon your prospective (future) new cases or lack thereof. Therefore, you must be prepared and it is today you are preparing for. This is not a consultation of gloom and doom, it is a warning that if you have not yet implemented ALL of what I have shared with you, then you potentially are going to find yourself desperately searching for that new case in possibly a very short amount of time. 

The lawyers I have spoken to are now seeking only the BEST doctors because every case has become more valuable to them in the process. The quid pro quo of one-for-one in the referral game has been put on the backburner in favor of those doctors that can deliver regarding settlements and verdicts for those lawyers. 
I have shared with you testimonial after testimonial on the success of those who have immersed themselves in the program. You MUST get credentialed and below are the requisite courses that are posted online with payment options. Yes, this will cost you time and money, but the investment is in YOURSELF and the knowledge and credentials will follow you throughout your entire career (life). 

Just for further confirmation, today I consulted with 2 of our doctors in Texas, where there is a VERY large immigrant population and it is GROWING because they have followed the plan…to the letter! Conversely, I spoke to 2 other doctors who only dabble in the program and they are feeling the effects in smaller immigrant populations. Although today was a small sampling, it is representative of a larger picture that must be addressed today. If you don’t, you will suffer in the long-run. 

Over the next few days, I will be sending you a “checklist” of what you need to do to prepare and a myriad of other tools to help you do that quicker. The first step, READ ALL THE CONSULTATIONS and if you think it takes too long to read them, remember, I had to write them and it is all original stuff.

The required courses:

Below I will lay out special pricing for our members that should accommodate every financial stage of practice confronted when considering taking these courses.


1. PI Bootcamp: 9 Hours

This course gives you 7 essential credentials for your CV and gives you a broad stroke understanding to help create a diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan inclusive of MRI, electrodiagnostics, accident reconstruction, documentation and collections.

2. MRI Spine Interpretation: 25 Hours

This is a 12 part course and comes with 12 credentials for your CV. It is simply is one of the best courses in healthcare to learn how to interpret MRI. This course is co-credentialed through both chiropractic and medical academia to help make you bulletproof with the legal community. This course will also put you on a "peer level" with medical specialists and place you in a superior position with medical primary care providers regarding spine care.

3. Spinal Biomechanical Engineering: 16 Hours

This is an 8 part course and comes with 8 credentials for your CV that give you an in-depth understanding of spinal biomechanics. This course is co-credentialed through both chiropractic and medical academia to help make you bulletproof with the legal community. This course allows you to opine on causality in the medical-legal arena and supports you as a primary spine care specialist for treating mechanical spine pain in the medical community.

4. Spinal Trauma Pathology

This is an 6 part course and comes with 6 credentials for your CV that give you an in-depth understanding of connective tissue disorders and how MRI spine and biomechanical engineering interconnect in age-dating herniations along with directional bulges as sequelae to connective tissue injuries (sprain-strain). This course goes in depth on the morphology of ligaments and explains why damage can cause long-term permanent problems. 

5. Accident Reconstruction: 8 Hours

This is an 4 part course and comes with 4 credentials for your CV that give the foundation and expertise to understand the different facets of an accident to begin to reconstruct the event. This is a critical component in the medical-legal arena.

6. Impairment Rating: 2 Hours

This course gives you the credentials to be able to impair your patient that is critical in both personal injury and workers' compensation.

7. Head Trauma - Brain Injury: 2 Hours

This course gives you the very basics of head trauma and an understanding of traumatic vs. mild traumatic brain injury vs. concussion. This is critical in your relationships with the medical-legal community to be able to guide your patients as well as creating a peer level understanding with medical counterparts.

8. Medical-Legal Documentation - Colossus Algorithms: 3 Hours

This is a very critical, yet small part of the mandatory documentation requirements. Once this is fully embraced, it will help you educate your medical-legal referral sources and teach you how to better document your cases.

9. Orthopedic Testing: 9 Hours

This is a 5-part course and comes with 5 credentials for your CV that give you an in-depth understanding of orthopedics. This course is co-credentialed through both chiropractic and medical academia to help make you bulletproof with the legal community. This course allows you to fully understand the latest teachings in chiropractic academia and be able to support your diagnosis and treatment plans.
The Stroke Anatomy & Evaluation course is engineered to help you understand the vessels of the brain from both a structural and functional perspective. The course has an extensive review of the anatomy and physiology of brain hemodynamics along with details of the variations of stroke etiology, types and complications. It covers in detail what to include and how to perform an extensive "stroke risk" history and neurological examination that allows the practitioner to be "time efficient," yet thorough. 

Financial Policy for Members:

1. Pay as you go for the fees listed on
2. Pay $100 per month with no interest towards the courses you take allowing you to take the courses right now and pay them off later.
3. Pre-Pay for all courses and save 20%  (save $794)

Options 2 & 3 need to be done over the phone with me.



Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chiropractic, University of Bridgeport, College of Chiropractic
Adjunct Professor, Division of Clinical Sciences, Texas Chiropractic College
Educational Presenter, Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education Joint Partnership with the State University of New York at Buffalo, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

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