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Preamble: many of these issues are small, yet each issue is just that… an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then the larger issues often take care of themselves and you can focus on the larger issues… a larger, more profitable practice and more family time.

“A Tale of Success, Failure and Mediocrity”

Yesterday I had 3 communications and 1 this morning that perfectly highlighted my vision for success and the pitfalls of not following strategies, care paths and planning ahead.

1.  The first was an email testimonial and it read:

Just a quick update.  Since we last spoke about PVA it has improved from 19.8 to 26.17.  Also through October we have averaged 24 new PI cases per month. Prior to the first seminar we averaged 5 new PI case per month.

This doctor, who I wrote about yesterday gets it. He has taken every course inclusive of the Mini-Fellowship in Neuroradiology with Dr. Peyster and follows every protocol. He gets it and is living the dream at 60 years old (he is VERY OLD)

2.  While writing this, a doctor from Ohio called to share with me he has a chronic pain patient who shared with him that the pain is so bad and persistent that he is considering suicide. This doctor had taken every course we offer and understands that he needs to get an immediate neuropsychology consult, have a pointed conversation with the pain management MD the patient is seeing and talk to the patient every day to ensure those feelings don’t require immediate intervention. This doctor is managing his case in a manner that exudes excellence and this chiropractor is potentially saving a life. Beyond statistics, this is success.

3.  Conversely, I had another doctor call me and share that they were going on the witness stand in a few days and the MRI showed ZERO although they impaired the patient at a significant number. The doctor was confused as to what to do and afraid of looking the fool at best and a liar at worst in the courts. My first question was “Did you x-ray digitize the patient?” The answer was a resounding NO as the doctor didn’t think it important. I had them call the lawyer and see if they could get a report into evidence for the court and have the x-ray digitization expedited. 

The answer from the lawyer was that it was too late to get anything else accepted into the courts and this doctor had to go by what records were already there. At the end of the day, this doctor has to attempt to render a level of bullcrap to get the courts to accept the 15% impairment rating and in the end, will probably not get the courts to accept the opinion. AND… the lawyer who brought this doctor to trial will not consider working with them again and there is a high probability they will share the story with EVERY lawyer friend they have, partially to make them look better, but mostly because this doctor was inflammatory and did not practice at the “Studin Prescribed” level of clinical excellence. 

4.  I received a call last week from a doctor who dropped out of the program in 2010 and then rejoined 6 months ago. This doctor wanted to know what I thought about Arthur Croft’s seminars. I shared with him as always that Arthur is the best in the world in what he does and that I do not do what he does. We are totally different in what we teach and our approaches to medical-legal cases. I then went on to make a point about the credentials of the Croft seminar will not meet the standards in the courts for what lawyers need based upon recent case law that is applicable in all 50 states. This doctor, who is very experienced on the witness stand argued that he is very good at MRI and has never been challenged and the lawyers love him because he wins cases for them. 

Yesterday I got the follow up phone call and the real reason for last week’s call. He was literally on the witness stand and the judge called a brief recess and was allowed to use his phone. I was his “phone a friend” and he asked me “how can I get my credentials to be accepted for MRI?” The opposing counsel was challenging his credentials as a chiropractor with no training in MRI. This is exactly what I shared with him the week before, he has ZERO credentials in MRI or any other sect of trauma care and he has NO argument. He has to rely on BS to try to keep him on the witness stand. He didn’t like my answer, but at that level there are no solutions beyond the truth. 

It’s not like it used to be where you can BS your way in most courts. The recent rulings have set the pathway for success and you either follow them or get the reputation of the consummate bullshit artist. The latter will be the downfall for any relationships you have with lawyers, MD’s or any other referral source that requires you to be an expert. You either have the credentials a an expert, or you don’t and are left with BS. 

You get to choose door #1, #2, #2, #4.  See above where each lead you. 



Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chiropractic, University of Bridgeport, College of Chiropractic

Adjunct Professor, Division of Clinical Sciences, Texas Chiropractic College

Educational Presenter, Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education Joint Partnership with the State University of New York at Buffalo, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences 

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