Lawyers PI Program
“Building a PI Practice”


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Narrative Delivery System


By the time you read this consultation, your narrative should have been critiqued along with your CV and those 2 critical documents for success of a personal injury practice are perfect. IF…that hasn’t occurred yet, please ignore this chapter because nothing you do will matter as the legal community will not want to work with you.


You now have effective paperwork and the lawyer needs a copy of your notes, records and narrative. Most doctors’ offices do the easy thing and mail it to the lawyer. That is the easy way to conduct business and for many, they go by the old standard…over time, with lawyers understanding what I do, I will get busier because I am the best. Those doctors are often wrong, however, occasionally they are right. If the paperwork is admissible and the doctor writes a good report, then over time, they will get busy. I do not, have not, will not and never ascribe to that practice paradigm. I choose not to wait until and I am old and grey to be successful. I am a very impatient New Yorker…I want it right now!


In order to create success (yes, you have the ability to create success) you need to learn from corporate America how they gain a greater market share of in their sector of business within your budget. Credit card companies; every time they send a bill, you get a piece of literature that is an advertisement either attached to the envelope or as an insert in the mail. Web sites; show banner ads that usually have graphics and motion to bring your eye to the ad so that you will “click” onto their site and purchase their product. Magazines; have fold-out pages with scents from perfumes so you can smell their products and then go purchase the product. The list goes on for as long as creative people want to sell you their products. What do you have to sell or offer? The answer is information.


You narrative is the vehicle that will guarantee the lawyer (your audience for future business) will look at your information, and similarly to corporate America, to get them to engage in your services at a greater rate in the future. Your goal is for you to give them information that will help them prevail in their current and future cases by utilizing you in an honest and ethical manner. To accomplish that end, we are going to package the narrative with additional information. The procedure:


½” 3-Ring White Binder

- Inside the plastic front cover place a cover page with the name of your patient, your name address and phone number.




Narrative For:

John Smith


Mark Studin DC, FASBE©, DAAPM

123 Main Street

Stony Brook NY 11790



Inside the binder there should be 4 sections separated by tabs.


Section 1: Narrative on ivory stock. The paper must be of good quality utilizing black ink. Similar to what lawyers use. Meet their expectations as to what is used.


Section 2: Any attachments to the narrative; SOAP Notes, specialists' reports, imaging reports, etc.


Section 3: Your CV again on ivory quality stock.


Section 4: The bi-monthly educational fliers with the bottom customized to your practice.


Inside the front cover in the pocket, place your business cards.


This is a very professional narrative portfolio that has everything the lawyer will need to take action on the case along with educational literature to help them prevail on this and other cases. The attorney will keep this binder because they will need to refer to the educational pieces inside. Do not include the research that is referenced in the flyers; make them ask you for them. It is a great reason for the lawyer to ask you to return to the office.


On the spine of the binder, create a label, or slide into the plastic pocket, the name of the client and your name and phone number. You should always make an appointment with the lawyer to review the narrative with you in person. To get them to meet with you, explain that you have significant findings and you want to go over them in person. Most of the time, they will want to meet with you.


The only thing that needs to be done…Just do it!